Embassy Suites Lakefront
511 N Columbus Dr
Chicago, IL 60611-5590

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July 6,2015 at 5pm I checked into Embassy Suites Lakefront and paid for 2 king bed rooms. room 817 and 818 on arrival I went to my room and my guest came at 6pm. My Fiance and I placed our bags in our room and went downstairs for Happy hour. At this hour my guest came and was given the room keys. We didn't check the room as soon as we arrived. Do to we went to eat. when returning my fiance return to the room. for sleep. He was bitten from his left shoulder down.. some was in pattern others was s

cattered on his left side at 2am he refused to stay and returned home. I thought he was joking but the bites was very much real and very visible and flared up in red and itchy. My guest that was in room 817 also was bitten up on her right upper side. I the room holder took pictures of the bites that was extremely red and swollen as well and in a pattern. I checked over and over for a bed bug yet none was visible. But there was something biting in both rooms. I did ask for the maid to come in the room and clean it and do the bed with fresh sheets. I didn't get bitten do to after seeing the bites on my fiance body I refuse to go to sleep. I stayed in sitting area to the table fully clothe doing my work.But endure something biting around my ankles do to I was in house shoes with no socks at that point I put on some socks. I did report what happen to house keeper supervisor. My guest report to management and was told that if it didn't draw blood nothing bit her.Management Blue refused to acknowledge the concerns with reality of the guest bites and picture. He never was apologetic at all. Supervisor of the cleaning team came to our rooms and was shown the dust and nasty dust and sunflower seeds that resided in the dust as if it was dog hair sitting on top of it. The cleaning of these rooms are not properly done at all. When checking the mattress cover in 818 on the right side of the mattress cover was a big blood stain dried in. the TV stand had so much dust on it till you could right your name. Whatever kind of Bugs these are they need to be found in the carpet and address and other matters in this Hotel... Management needs to treat customers with better respect.. I had other issue but I will address that with the Better Business Bureau..... If rated I would give the Hotel a 1 star....

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After second day stating at hotel noticed a bite on the top of each foot. Then two bites on the ankle. Then a bite behind the knee. After returning home, I noticed four bites in a line on the lower outer thigh. In all I had nine red, raised, ITCHY bite marks between the beginning of my stay and immediately after getting home.

I'm a little surprised because I checked the hotel bed before checking in and didn't see any evidence of bugs (no black "poop", no bodies and no blood. I couldn't re

ally check the other furniture because it was a dark brown shade.

I'm not sure if this was bed bugs or chiggers since I did feel several sharp pinchs to my thigh in the exact place of the red welts.

I would hate to think this hotel has an issue, but bugs are everywhere. I didn't talk to management because I didn't see any bugs.

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