Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro
733 W Madison St
Chicago, IL 60661-2401

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Stayed in 422 - felt itchy, but had just had chiggers issue, so ignored it. But 24 hours later I had welts and swelling - all on my right side under arm and down to my hands - Also under my left arm, to a lesser extent. SIGH

I recently visited Chicago for my sisters wedding. Had a wonderful time there and this has nothing to do with their customer service at all they were wonderful. Upon arriving home though within a week I saw a weird bug and didn't think anything of it. I assumed it was my cat with fleas and got him treated. As the lights went by I would see them on and off and finally my condos quarterly treatment came up and had them investigate it today. They found about 100 living in my bed frame. Being a bran

d new condo and brand new tempurpedic bed he asked me when was my last trip and where is my luggage. He opened my luggage and found multiple dead ones and that led me to further look into it. I called my brother who stayed with me and sure enough he has them too. Hate to blame them for it but the facts stack up. I don't want to cause them any harm or bad mouth them I simply am writing this in hopes of them reimbursing me for what I have already paid. It's only 400$ but it's 400$ that I feel came from Chicago. My brother can take matters into his own hands and take his own route. As for myself I just hope it can be reimbursed to me. This happened at the end of March and I noticed them as early as middle of April. I can't help but think it's definitely the hotel with all the facts. Dead ones in my suitcase, brother has them, I have them and all these precious complaints. Hopefully this detailed encounter will help me and help
Others with their problem.

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Bit by bed bugs on the night of 1/16/15. I believe I was in room 421, I woke in the middle of the night with bites on my arms. I left a message with the manager reporting the incident but haven't had a response yet.

Husband stayed there July 27th-30. He can't remember which room. His second night home got my first bite. We have been in denial but now after multiple nights being bitten, we are pretty sure he brought unwelcome guests home. It really sucks. Looking at tons of $$ in extermination costs and from what I've read a long road ahead.. Please be aware and either don't stay here or be on high alert.

The Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro ensures that all guest comments and feedback are handled with the utmost importance, especially when it involves the safety and welfare of our guests and team members. Due to the numerous news reports and sightings regarding bed bugs across the lodging industry and in many office buildings, any report relative to possible bed bugs is investigated immediately. A detailed Standard Operating Procedure has been developed and is put into place should an insect sighting

be reported. These procedures include extensive training of our housekeeping staff to ensure they are equipped to proactively identify any room that may have insect activity during their normal cleaning process. Immediate involvement from our Licensed Pest Control Experts would also be initiated to identify and confirm any possible bed bug sightings and properly treat and control any possible spread.

We wish for all of our customers to know that your comfort and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to taking all steps necessary to ensure a positive experience for all of our guests.

Leonard Mendiola
General Manager

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There was one large bed bug crawling on the sheet when the top comfoter was moved. We notified the front desk, and were immediately moved to another room. This happened Friday, February 11, 2011.

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