Allerton Hotel
701 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

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I found a live bedbug in the center of our bed between us after our fourth night spent in the Allerton, Thursday morning during the week of Sunday October 13-October 19, 2013. I believe the room was on the 9th floor. After searching we discovered blood stains and waste on the edge of the mattress inside the piping. My wife had several bites on her legs, but didn't have an allergic reaction to them. I wrapped the bedbug in a Kleenex and took it down to the front desk and showed to the desk cler

k. The hotel manager immediately moved us to another room, upgrading us from a king size junior suite to a full fledged king suite with separate living room for the remainder of our stay. They sent a bellman to our room to collect all of our clothing for laundering and dry cleaning and steam cleaned our luggage. The cleaned everything and returned it to us that same Thursday evening in our new suite. Very pleased with management's reaction and response to the situation and wouldn't hesitate staying there again. Even the nicest most expensive hotels have been victimized by these insidious bugs brought into this country again by traveler's from third world countries after they had been eradicated here in the 1950s with the use of DDT and other pesticides.

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We stayed at the Allerton 6/24-6/28/14 and stayed in room 1201, a two bedroom suite. After our first night in the hotel, I noticed I had bug bites all on my left side and back. I thought perhaps I got them during the day the precious day and thought nothing of it. That night, I checked myself before going to bed and saw no new bites. When I woke up the next morning, I had numerous new bites in the same areas and asked my husband if he had any bites - and he was also covered in bites. We looked

on the sheets but didn't see bed bugs (I've never had a bed bug issue so didn't know we should have looked in the crevices of the mattress). We brought it to the attention of the front desk who moved us to another suite. We did not have bed big issues in that room however there was a ventilation issue in that room that caused it to smell of poop whenever someone in a nearby room used the restroom. It was frustrating to say the least. One of the maids told us that the bed bugs hide in the mattress and come out at 2 or 3 in the morning so they are hard to see. She also told us the ventilation issue is a big problem there because of the age of the hotel. I never would have expected this of a four star hotel. Unfortunately we booked this on travelocity so our trip was prepaid and we didn't bother asking for a refund.

They also tried to charge us $60 per night for valet when we didn't even have a car. Sigh.... Disappointed does not begin to cover our thoughts on this hotel.

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Stayed one night at the end of September, 2013 and will not go back.

When I pulled back the covers on the bed I saw two small specks on the sheet. When I looked closer, I saw that they were tiny bugs and they were moving. I was horrified.

I called the desk and a manager came up to take a look. He said they didn't appear to be bedbugs; he wasn't sure what they were. It was still disturbing and I really just wanted to leave and go stay at another hotel.

They ended up moving me to a suite

on a different floor. I fully inspected that bed and didn't find evidence of bugs. I was still uneasy and was never able to relax enough to fall asleep, which made for a very long day of business meetings followed by a five hour drive home the next day.

The manager was nice and tried to be accommodating but this is the first time I've ever found bugs in a hotel bed and I will never return to their hotel, nor can I recommend it to anyone.

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My husband, 4 month old and I stayed at the Allerton hotel September 12th- 14th.. I checked the bed right away for bugs also but didn't examine thoroughly because it was a 4 star hotel. Anyways, we went to bed that night and woke up early morning to see baby spiders on the bed and all over our ceiling! Called the front dest and they apologized and moved us to a new room right next door stating also that it was just a confined incident and should not have the same problem again. We of course look

ed around the ceiling by the windows that morning and saw nothing inside but saw big spiders on the outside of each window but didn't think it was an issue since they were outside. We went about our day enjoying our day downtown Chicago came back that evening and went to bed. We woke up that morning and again baby spiders all over the ceiling in the bathroom by the vent by all the windows, above the TV!!!!! I was shocked and very disappointed so I again called the front desk to ask for a manager to complain... She was in a meeting and would contact me is what I was told. 2 hours later after my husband spending the morning killing spiders I called the desk again to complain and got the manager. She apologized comped our room service and said its an issue the whole city of Chicago is having... Asked if we had our windows open. Obviously not that night it was 45 outside and we have a 4 month old also. I was very disappointed in our stay especially spending over $100 nightly plus $120 in parking at there hotel. 4 star hotel this should have not been an issue.... I was not even offered a refund!

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During the last week of September, we stayed there for 5 days and had 3 rooms on the 9th & 11th floors. We did not see any signs of bed bugs in our rooms. It was a very nice stay.

I have stayed at this location on 2 separate occassions (August 2011)and was more than pleased with my accomodations...despite being in a corner room on my first visit...they are the smallest of the rooms...I saw NO SIGN of bugs, and will be staying with them again this coming weekend. I am sure that if there were a problem there would be more than one person reporting it...and coming from someone who has worked at several hotel chains, the front desk employees may use discretion, but it is def

initely not something that is overlooked, because we KNOW the long term affects of such a problem...and we don't take it lightly...however I have encountered MANY guests when I worked as a receptionist that find fault with anything they can to get a free night stay OR to avoid being charged for something they realized they couldn't afford...not saying anyone has done that, but just a thought...

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Has the problem of the bed bugs been taken care of?

Have stayed at The Allerton twice in the last 60 days and have not had any problems whatsoever - the hotel appears to be very clean and well maintained.


We take any guest complaint very seriously, especially when it relates to our guests' well being. Once I learned of your concerns, I immediately contacted a nationally recognized pest control expert, Steritech, to conduct a thorough examination of your guestroom. Part of this inspection included treating the room for bedbugs, despite inconclusive findings, as we prefer to take no chances when an issue such as this arises. I can verify the front desk agent’s assertion that we have no

t had an issue with bed bugs in this hotel, as you can see from the lack of reports on this site, but I am pleased that the staff made an attempt to accommodate you with another room and that Arturo ensured that you were not charged for anything during your time at the hotel. We want to exceed our guests’ expectations, and it is our goal for each of our guests to enjoy a safe, clean and comfortable environment in our hotel. If you would like to discuss this matter with me further, please contact me directly at your convenience.

Clay Spencer
General Manager
Allerton Hotel

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Booked a last minute trip to the Allerton on Jan. 14th for a Jan 15th 2011 stay. After check-in around noon we immediately checked our sheets, pillows and mattresses for any bug signs as my wife is a little paranoid. Prior to booking we also checked this site only to find a clean record. The room appeared to be bedbug free and we continued on with our day.

After touring the city, dinner and a cocktail we returned to our room and I got into bed. As my wife entered bed she found 1 bug on he

r pillow and multiple bugs underneath the pillow and along the mattress edge. We immediately called the front desk where we were told that the Allerton does not have bedbugs and they must be some other form of bug. The front desk sent security up for a report of the situation and a bellhop with room keys to another room. We showed security the bugs and we even collected a few in a ziplock as evidence. When showing the front desk supervisor he still said that he was not sure what type of bugs those were but would call a professional exterminator to make the judgement. He also stated that the bugs are typically a room by room incident and that we shouldnt be worried staying in another room (I find that hard to believe). My wife and I denied another room and opted to leave the hotel and journey home at 2am that evening. This was a major inconvenience to us but we did not want to chance gaining another room with bugs, moving to another hotel with the same problem, or staying with local friends incase we'd pass this epidemic to them.

I contacted the Hotel the following day and spoke with the Security Manager, Arturo where he assured me there would be proper investigation and I would not be charged any fees for our trouble. He also offered me a free nights stay if we decided to return.

This hotel was worth the stay for their rate but NOTHING is worth potenitally bringing these bugs home with you. I hope they take care of this problem as they were defintely not admitting they had one.

Our room was 2015 a King Room (if I remember correctly)

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