Super 8 Carbondale
1180 E Main St
Carbondale, IL 62901-3137

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I would also ignore the report posted on 9/1/2010, from an alleged July visit. I had just booked a prepaid, nonrefundable stay at this location when I discovered this website and that report. I considered canceling my stay and losing my money but decided to give it a chance. I inspected the beds thoroughly, stripping them down to bare mattresses, and looking between the mattresses, and found no evidence of bed bugs or indeed of any other kind of insect. I spent the night uneventfully and did not

incur any bites or mysterious itchy spots.

I suspect the earlier report was from someone who had a bad experience of some sort or other, and decided to post a fictitious account of bed bugs for revenge.

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I would double-check the comment submitted on this place. It is very clean, superbly run and in May, 2010, August, 2010 and October 2010, there were no bedbugs.

Stayed at the Carbondale super in July 2010, The room i stayed in had alot of bed bugs never seen nothing like it. The bed was a major insult very rough looking and my back still hurts, the room was dirty and the place appeared very poorly ran, its sad because the location is great.

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