Super 8 Motel
2110 N Main St
Canton, IL 61520-1083

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Checked here before i made reservations in town but due to the lack of affordability of the the super expensive Canton Harvester Inn. I chose to stay at the super 8. I normally would not do this. But when i went to the super 8 lots of renovation was going on new carpet and new bed were in the hallways. When i asks the reception a lady informed me that they had just bought the hotel and they were under an extreme renovation. And all the beds were now brand new.

So this hotel is now safe to st


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Stayed here for work purposes and noticed a few bug bites down my arm. I didn't think much of it given I'm outdoors a lot. After a few days I had a line of bites down my back that were itching like crazy. I woke up one morning to find a bed bug near my pillow. The hotel was accommodating by refunding my money as well as paying for all my clothes to be cleaned. However, it wasn't worth the stress in making sure I'm completely rid of the parasites.

I stayed here in March 2011 for 5 nights and had no problems. Checked the mattress and it looked clean. No bites or other evidence of bed bugs. Talked to 2 coworkers who stayed at the same time and they also reported no problems.

Stayed there 3 weeks in october.Noticed some itching and saw some bugs but did'nt know about bedbugs then. After being home a few weeks noticed some bugs on bed. Contacted terminex and found out they were bedbugs. Having a very hard time getting rid of them.

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