La Quinta Arlington Heights
1415 W Dundee Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60004-1424

Found 2 reports:

I have 10 bites my daughter has 2.. during the night
I remember feeling something and smacking my arm but was BTW sleep and wake.
No one has contacted me reference the report made
As soon as the nurse at the clinic saw the bites
She identified them as bedbug bites.
The doctor gave 2 prescriptions .. my arms are
Still irritated..
Pics are being taken each day of the marks

I stayed in this hotel from 20 March 2011 to 27 March 2011.
After 4 nights there, I found bed bug in my room, I talked to the front desk clerk, she wasn't surprised and the first thing she thought of was refunding my money, which makes me think this was not the first time they had complaint about bed bugs in this hotel.
Of course refunding did not happen.
I had to fight for getting a portable steamer to steam my clothes.

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