Super 8
2730 Dodge Street Hwy 20
Dubuque, IA 52003-9410

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The health and safety is very important to our guest.

In Response to the post Submitted by "Anonymous" and "Bed Bug Victim" on 11/23.

While the guest stated the date of stay of 11/18/11, I have contacted every guest who stayed on that date also on the 17th and 19th and asked if the had any problems with the room. All said they were pleased with their stay.
On 11/23 we did have a guest who checked in at 10:03 pm and within couple of minutes she said you have bedbugs and would like to be r

efunded. We did refund her the money.

The room was immediately put out of order and inspected. No evidence was found. We did a full room tear down. including, removal of headboard, artwork, hanging wall lamps; inspected the mattress and box spring and the tear down of the railing the box spring sits on. No evidence of any infestation was found in the room.
The room the guest stayed in was occupy for several night before their stay and none complained that they were bitten.

Called the guest back and he said her niece might have seen something else and she wasn't sure what she saw.

This has become a big problem for the hotel industry and we are very vigilant on this issue. We do monthly checks of the room and the bedding.

If you like more information , please free to contact me directly.

Super 8 Dubuque

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We stayed there on 11/18/11 and also had a problem with bed bugs.

My husband checked in last night 11/21/11 Even after asking the front desk attendent if they had had any problems with bed bugs, of coourse she said no he found the bed infested with them!!!

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