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Clive, IA 99999

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I found bites on me and my daughter. They came and visually inspected. No bites before we went to bed and bites when we woke up. now I find out they do have a problem and they did not shut out room down. I showed the bites on my daughter to them and they said well I don't know what to tell you. GREAT I USED TO LOVE THESE GUYS. lack of concern and knowing that's what we have really bugs me.

This is the Country Inn & Suites-Des Moines West management response to Mike on 9/13/13

I want to sincerely apologize about the issues you encountered when you checked into our hotel recently. As for the bed bug issue I like to assure you that we take this type of issue very seriously. We understand the attention the media has focused on the bed bug issue around the country, especially as it relates to the hotel industry. Nonetheless it also has sensationalized the issue that has also led peo

ple to the perspective that any insect(s) or bug(s) found in a hotel is a bed bug(s). With the notoriety of the bed bugs and the stigma associated with them, the hotel industry as well as our hotel has been proactive in providing additional training. Specifically all housekeepers and maintenance personnel are trained to look for any signs of bedbug activity in guestroom prior to guest checking into the hotel due to the amount of time they spend cleaning and maintaining the rooms. In addition to the extra training we have a specific hotel policy regarding claims of bed bugs; which is to shut down the room, have it inspected by our professional pest extermination company, they must provide us documentation stating there are no bed bugs or bed bug activity in the room before it is released to be rented.

Once this matter was brought to our attention when you checked out we called in our pest control company to inspect the room. It was determined that there were a few bed bugs found. Immediate action was taken by our professional pest control specialist from Guardian Pest Solutions and the room was heat treated as well as chemically treated. After they completed their inspection and treatment of the room they gave us documentation there were no bed bugs in the room. We have a detailed weekly as well as monthly pest extermination program in place, however from time to time we will see an increase in activity from several insects. We have trained our housekeeping and maintenance staff to look for any signs of bug activity throughout our hotel and continue to emphasize this importantant part of their job with them on a regular basis. Even with the best training and extermination efforts no hotel or business can ever guarantee they’ll be pest free as long as hotel guests and travelers continue to bring these particular pests and others into hotels, according to reputable and nationally recognized pest control companies. The only assurance I can make for my hotel is we’ll continue with our proactive efforts, and investigate claims immediately, and we will take the appropriate course of action if/when necessary to maintain our positive business reputation.

Again, please accept my apology for the issues you encountered. We strive to deliver the best possible experience to all guests and try to resolve any issues in a timely as well as in an efficient manner.

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I have stayed at this hotel 4 or 5 times over the past year while traveling. I checked into the hotel on Tuesday, September 10th and went to my room. (I am a business traveler and stay in hotels about 3 weeks per month.) I have seen bedbugs before and know what to look for when examining a hotel room. As soon as I entered the room I checked under the mattress and pulled back the bed skirt. I inspected and saw active bedbugs moving as soon as I turned on the light near the window.


ugs leave droppings and stains on the mattress and are usually found near the head board or head of the bed. This bed had stains and droppings on the mattress cover and bed skirt.)

I immediately went back to the hotel clerk and told her I would not be staying at their hotel and gave her back my room key. She asked why and I told her I found active bedbugs and would like my credit card refunded.

She was very polite and indicated they have never had a bedbug report before and asked if I was sure. I assured her I know about bedbugs and told her to let the manager know they have a problem in the room.

Won't be staying here again!

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This is a response from the management of the Country Inn & Suites-Des Moines West.

The hotel takes all guest concerns regarding any kind of bug seriously when reported. Many guests automatically assume that any kind of bug that they see is a bed bug. We have a professional, reliable pest control company that we call whenever there is a report of bugs of any kind and they treat the room accordingly. This same pest control company does monthly checks of our building and performs preventativ

e treatments for all pests. Front desk employees went immediately to room 341 to investigate the reported larvae and none was found. All front desk, housekeeping and maintenance staff have been trained to spot check specific areas of guest rooms where bed bugs may be located and in this case we did call the pest control company the following day to inspect the room Sally claimed to have seen the bed bugs in. It was determined by the trained pest control technician that her sighting of bed bugs was unfounded. If anyone is concerned about bed bugs at this particular hotel location I welcome your phone call and I will personally answer any questions that you many have.
Tom M.
General Manager
Country Inn & Suites-Des Moines West

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On July 5, 2013 we checked into room 333. The sofa bed mattress was stained with what we thought was mold. We also saw a bug on the mattress and asked to switch rooms. In room 341 we saw larvae wiggling on the mattress pad of the sofa bed. We left the hotel!

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