Quality Inn & Suites Cedar Rapids
2025 Werner Ave Ne
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-2464

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The hotel that I stayed in was called Collins Inn and Suites, not Quality Inn and Suites. The address is the same, 2025 Werner Ave, Cedar Rapids, IA, so I assume that you guys have the name wrong on this site. Anyway, my husband and I stayed there for 3 nights and both got bed bug bites all over our arms and a few on the legs. We didn't figure out what they were until after we were home for a week, so I didn't take the proper precautions and we just brought our luggage back home. I hope I didn't

bring the bugs back with me, but only time will tell. I'm really upset that we might have an infestation in our home because of staying in this hotel. BEWARE!

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