Super 8 Carroll North Ia
1757 N Us Highway 71
Carroll, IA

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I stayed at this motel in room 210 with my family in June 2014. Aside from being fairly seedy and run down it has a very serious problem. I awoke to an insect crawling on me around 12:30 am on June 8th. I immediately went into the bath room and flicked it in the sink, where I proceeded to squish it. It erupted into a dime sized spot of blood. I then washed my hands and that flushed it down the drain. For the next fifteen minutes or so, I scoured the internet for anything else that it could be be

sides a bedbug. The whole time I had wished that I hadn't washed it away so I could compare it to the photos I was seeing. When I went back into the bathroom, and to my complete surprise, the thing had crawled back out of the drain (I had heard that those critters were tenacious but I had no Idea until I tried to kill it). With the blood gone from its abdomen it was unmistakably a bedbug. I woke the family and called down to the office. When the manager/proprietor came to the room I showed him the bug. His response was one of little or no surprise and he made a feeble attempt to tell me that he had recently exterminated. I then bagged up and isolated all of my belongings in the room and left the hotel.
My wife and I decided to make the next leg of our trip that night rather than risk bringing the bugs into another hotel. When we arrived in Iowa City early that morning we spent several hours at a laundry mat washing our clothes in death knell combination of a hot wash and a hot hour-long drying (as recommended by a department of health website). We even threw away several items that could not be laundered in this manner. Our luggage required a thorough spraying with pesticides. Later that day, after some need sleep, I contacted Super 8's bedbug hotline and reported the incident. That was almost two weeks ago and the company has made no further attempts to contact me. I guess that in their minds not charging me for that nightmare was enough customer service for them.

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We stayed in room 109/110 at this motel on 6/6-6/7/14. My husband woke up with bites on his leg. At first I thought it was spider bites. By the time we got home he was miserable with many bites. Went to see Dr. Monday am and was diagnosed with bed bug bites. This happen a week ago and he is just getting back to normal.

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