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Mary Cullins, you said I need to be reeducated in this country, what kind of racist comment is that. You need to stop looking at the color of my skin before you start judging people. We refunded your stay, we offered you another room, we also gave you a voucher worth over a $100s. What else can I do, I already gave you the red carpet treatment, now you want to write a negative post because you are thrifty and want more money out of us. I think you need to get off your high horse and understand t

hat this problem was not entirely our fault. We just purchased the hotel recently and the previous owners are not going to say oh yeah there is a problem in a certain room. We kept the same staff as the previous management. After the incident we have taken a double take on how to clean rooms. Bed Bugs don’t come out in the day time so it is hard to see where there are. They do not have a sign that says hey we are here come kill us. They are masters at hiding. The pest control services have educated me and the staff on how to find out if you have bed bugs in a room. You do not need to look for the bug itself, you can get a pretty good indication if you look for activity like black dots (their excretion) or see white things in the corner (their eggs) or if you noticed there skin. Even though you had a bad experience Mary, you incident did teach us a lifetime worth of knowledge. I understand you’re mad at us because we wouldn’t refund the amount for your pillows. You have to put yourself in our shoes and see the world from our side also. Since the incident, we have take precautionary measures for the entire hotel. We have a plan in place that makes us deep clean each room with a steam cleaner and to apply the necessary chemicals to kill the bed bugs and residual to prevent them from coming into the hotel. Even though the inspector and the dog haven’t noticed or alerted us about any rooms in the hotel, we still are going to take this step to make us feel reassured. We have invested over $6000 dollars this month on pest control or other products to make sure we do not have a problem like this again. We are not taking any chances in the future. We have bought a very expensive steamer that shoots out steam at approximately 240 degrees. At that temperature the bug and the eggs are killed on contact. We spend about 10-12 hours a day on steam cleaning and spraying the room. We take all the linens, curtains and other fabric material and put them in a bag that is sealed. We wash these items on high heat with detergent and then run them in a dryer. We spray residual on the base boards, cabinets, and other areas in the room. We also use a safe contact killer/ residual on the mattress and box spring. Then we encase the mattresses in a special encasement which prevents bugs from getting in or out. We also dust areas with a special powder to act as a residual for future prevention. We dust all outlets and general areas of the room where the manufactured advises. We have been highly educated on this topic now. With a treatment plan like this in place I am 100% sure we will not have a problem like this in the future. Again I would like to apologize for the inconveniences you may have had.

This is a notice to future guest as well. I want you to be very confident that this issue has change the way we run our hotel. We no longer see the world through rose petal glasses. We are highly committed to exterminating any bugs, from ants to bed bugs from our hotel. They way these guest made our hotel look on here is ridiculous. They made it look like we had a full blown infestation. The problem was limited to one room and now that room has been thoroughly treated. That room had all the furniture thrown out and replaced. I just want to let future guest know that we are committed in making there stay pleasant and pest free. We encourage all guests to be an extra set of eyes for us in the rooms. Most bed bugs do not come out till the wee hours of the morning usually between 2am- 5am to feed. I just want you guys to know that we are here to work together to prevent the rise in numbers for bed bugs. Since they ban the use of DDT there is a higher number of bed bugs in this country. But if other hotels and places; get the training and knowledge we have, we can get rid of bed bugs for good. I was reading an article that said they found bed bugs at Rent a Center, hospitals, movie theaters, restaurants, etc... I just want to make the public more aware of the problem, just the like web master. This is not a thing that you just look at a room today and do not see activity; you must have a plan in place to prevent a problem. You must have your housekeepers trained thoroughly to recognize signs of a problem. If you do not then you are going to pay for it in the end. We learned from this expensive mistake. That is why I am making the best out of a bad situation.

What I learned from my experience is that Bed Bugs are not invincible; they are like most insects and are made up of 60% water. There is a treatment to kill and prevent them. The key idea is to keep up on it, it is not a one shot treatment and bam it’s done. It is a system that needs to be implemented into your daily cleaning. From the stats, this is a problem that is not going to diminish any time soon. If everyone does there part this issue will be one of the past.

I thank you again, for using the Super 8 of Anamosa as your place for lodging. I want every past and future guest to know that we are committed to making each and every stay the best and most pleasant as possible.

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OMG!!! are you kidding me? This manager is really something, if that trucker would have been dressed in a suit and tie would he make such assumptions? Which was our exact thought when we stayed there and were confronted with extra bed guests, we as bikers felt that management thought it was our lifestyle that brought the bugs in also. Let me assure you that my husband and I are both professionals and only ride on the weekends when we get a chance. My husband works 6 days a week and very seldom

do we get the chance to ride.

I really didn't start this post to say that, I had other things on my mind. But, when I came to this website to add to my post and read the truckers story I couldn't stop from commenting.

What I came to the website to say was this: I had requested a reimbursement for our feather pillows that we had taken in to our room, which is not uncommon for people to take their own pillows to a motel. Upon asking for this request, I received this email from the manager: "I am sorry but we wouldn't be able to refund you any money for your pillows.
You could wash them on high heat with detergent and then dry them for a
minimum of 20 minutes in the dryer is what the Pest Control gentlemen
recommends. Thank You again."

the next email I received from him was this: "You could try sending us the receipt, we will see if our insurance can
assist you."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? you can't just throw feather pillows into the washer. And, we were not about to even attempt to take them into our house with us, they went straight into the dumpster. Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I was able to get fairly decent ones at a cost of 15.99 each, they were on sale for 60% off.

I would also like to add that in addition to this whole experience that I failed to mention in my first post that while he may (or may not) have had pest control come in, it was obvious how long the room we stayed in had the bugs. There were SEVERAL dried blood streaks down the sides of the box springs. Our room was not just occupied by ONE bedbug, there were MANY. I have pictures to show the dried blood streaks.

The manager repeatedly tried to assure us that his staff was well trained on looking for bedbugs. REALLY???? I wonder how they missed them for so long in that one paticular room. They may be TRAINED but that doesn't mean they were following through with their training.

I believe that this manager needs to be reeducated in this country of how to treat your guests. We felt like the 'unwanted guests' got better treatment than we did.


This whole episode was handled wrong by management and he may be giving the rest of you a good Samaritan story, but I was there, and isn't the way it is.

Did I mention yet the fact that we had planned on stopping and visiting with my 88 year and 83 year old parents on the way home, but decided against it. Was too afraid of taking "TRAVELING BUGS" with us. Oh, but wait, it was our scuzzy biker bodies that probably brought them to HIS motel in the first place.

Mr. Manager, I know you are going to read this, so guess what? KEEP YOUR DAMN MONEY, don't want it anyway, envelope would probably be filled with bugs when I received it.

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I am responding to the trucker that had a problem. The guest said that I told him we had a problem in the room next to his. The problem was in a room across the hall. To clear that up. I had pest control visually inspect each room in the hotel after we had our first problem and he didn't find anything. I didn't want to just take his word on it, so I hired a different Pest Control Service to go room to room with a bed bug sniffing dog and the dog didn't find anything. The trucker called the front

desk around 2AM and told me he killed a bug in his room and he thinks its a bed bug. I asked him if he wanted me to relocate him to another room. He just told me he would be down Shortly. In the conversation he told me he had all his clothing out on the bed and other places in the room. He also told me he had his luggage open and everything. I am under the assumption that from the way of life this guest has, from staying at hotel to hotel he must have brought in the Bed Bugs. The pest control checked out his room and didn't find anything but the smashed bugs on his sheets. They turned the beds upside down, took the head board off, look in all the cabinets and drawers. They didn't find any excretion or shedding of the skin. Basically the pest control guy told me that this was a luck break for me because we caught the bugs before they had a chance to lay eggs or hide. He told me he was 90% sure that the trucker brought these pest into the room. And by the way we did refund your stay back to Corporate Lodging Consultants (CLC). I knew we shouldn't of rented a room to the trucker at such a discounted rate. Now I am out of money on the room revenue and money on the Pest Control services. Advise to other Hoteliers, beware of Truckers or Construction workers. If you have them staying in your hotel make sure your housekeepers do a thorough search of the room every day to make sure they don't have any bed bugs with them. It will save your thousands.

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7/19/11 I wanted to add to my post, while checking out the manager asked what he could do for me I said there's nothing, but was also told that the incident on the first of July happened in the room next to mine

7/18/11 I checked in after driving for thirteen hours in my truck it was around a hundred degrees out and the air was not on in the room. I slept on top of the covers removing the bedspread first. woke up around two am and it was cool enough to get under the covers after about five minutes I seen something crawling by my arm I had the tv on and I thought it was a spider. I turned on the light and seen the bug I hit it not sure what it was and now there is a dime sized blood stain on bed. I calle

d the front desk they offered another room no thanks I got dressed and left.

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I am writing this post to respond to the earlier post made by a former guest. We do acknowledge that we did have bedbugs in the hotel room. This was our first experience with bed bugs. The guest called the front desk and explained to me that there were bugs on her bed. When I got there she asked me what kinds of bugs are these. Instead of being dishonest with her I told her straight forward that these are bed bugs. I told her that she should check her luggage to make sure there weren't any in th

ere. Because if some did manage to get in her luggage then the next place she would of went to would probably get them also. Since this was the first time we had an incident like this, I was in total shock and didn't know what to do. I just told her she needed to check her luggage and needed to leave the room ASAP so when can minimize the damage it might have done to her belongings. I offered them another room but they refused to take it since it was a nonsmoking and they wanted a smoking. In the state of Iowa we are only allowed to have a certain percentage to be smoking and all were occupied or rooms that have been check out and are dirty. She chose to just take a shower in the next room. I did give the guest a full refund. I don’t blame them for being upset one bit to be honest. If I was in there shoes I think I would have reacted the same way. I would still like to make mends with the guest and hope they can continue using us as there choice of lodging. I just want them to know that it is not our fault completely that we had bedbugs. I know the housekeepers should have caught it before the guest even stepped foot in the room. Bed bugs are passed from travelers to rooms to travelers again. It’s a never ending cycle. I am also glad that this event took place because now we have a new housekeeping policy in effect. Rooms must now be thoroughly checked for bed bug activity. That means they must use a flash light and check mattress and box spring, remove and check head boards and all pictures and drawers. This must be documented in writing that each room as been checked that they did clean. The other policy is that discipline will be given out if a case like this happens in the future; basically it means immediate termination for the housekeepers. This problem could have and should have been prevented before the guest had any incidents. We had bed bug sniffing dogs go through the entire property to make sure that this wasn’t an epidemic. Thank God and luckily for us that the case was isolated to this one room. We now have new furnishing in the room since we had to dispose of the old bedding and head board and room furniture. We had the room treated with both heat and chemical treatment. Even though this was a very expensive mistake I think it was a valuable lesson that we did learn from this event. Again I would like to offer the guest which I won’t name, a free Jacuzzi suite to stay with us so she can repost on here her experience on her next stay. Please forgive us for making your night/stay very unpleasant. I asked that you understand that this was an honest mistake and that this WILL NOT happen again in the future. You have my word on it. I also ask the Webmaster if they could remove the previous post, because future guest might be turned off by it. We do not want to lose the opportunity to serve future guest. We had a good track record for the last 15 years at this hotel and hope that this one incident won’t dissuade people from us.

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We got to motel after a long hard day of riding motorcycle, pretty much went straight to bed. Husband woke up around midnight thinking there were bugs, but unsure and went back to sleep. Upon arising around 8 a.m. suspisions confirmed the bed was full of bugs. Contacted management and basically was told that we should check OUR bags as they come in from customers. We were out of there. We were given another room to shower in.

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