Waikiki Banyan Condominium
201 Ohua Ave, #306
Honolulu, HI 96815-3643

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Buisness trip and was booked to stay at the Waikiki Banyan Tower 2 room 2103. Was in this room for 2 weeks and did not notice anything till one evening all the bites suddenly appeared and counted over 160 bites on my arms and legs and ba ck. Pulled sheet off mattress and found the infested area, looked like thousands in the mattress. Since these mattresses have a white bag over them it was hard to tell but, after unzipping bag it was obvious. first work trip to Hawaii and it was horrible. No

tified the front desk and they sent someone up to check (lady had her pants legs pulled up) I was like really I had to sleep in them and your worried about your pants leg. Once confirmed I put all my laundry in a big trash bag and sealed up and moved to another room leaving the laundry in other room first before checking the new room. Hotel cleaned my laundry and my luggage. If you think mosquitos bites are itchy....times that by 5 and thats how bad BB bites are. The front desk gentleman was so appolagetic could not take it out on him, but never heard anything from hotel manager and only one call from rental buisness who put us in this hotel (TY REALITY). Looking at the paperwork at end of stay looks like my company still had to pay full price for my stay, 200 dollars a night for dirty bugs. I was not about to take a chance of bringing any home, I disgarded all my clothes and purchased new. Please check hotel on this site before making a reservation.

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Dear manager (entry for 9/19) was the room inspected after the most recent 9/24 post? If so is it truly taken care of? I am aware bedbugs are a travel issue everywhere. But I have already gotten them once from a visit to Hawaii and I plan to stay in your hotel beginning of next year unless this is still an issue for you.
Bedbugs are very costly (financially, physically and emotionally) and I can't risk getting them again if I can help it. I hope you were able to solve the problem and that u ca

n reply.
Thanks !

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I actually, really do appreciate such a warning because the problem is not always gone! It's important that people do warn us travellers of these problems.
Thank you for the warning!!

I was a bit nervous after reading this report. I had searched out for bed bugs specifically because my husband and I had just returned from a vacation elsewhere and experienced this problem first hand. After reading this report I called Jackie with my concerns. { I had already paid for my stay and did not want to cancel} She assured me that the problem had been taken care of and that she continually has the room inspected in between guests. Despite the report making us nervous, we did stay in 3

608 and had an absolute wonderful and bug free stay. I appreciate Jackie’s honesty. I will also say that while a report such as this is meant to warn people, I have mixed feelings about that. It’s great to have a warning but at the same time, it causes unneeded stress for a problem that is no longer there.

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Jackie's vacation condo 3608T2 at the Waikiki Banyan most certainly had bedbugs when we arrived in Aug 2011. One of us received many bites on the first night and this continued until we knew what we were dealing with.
Our point here is to be aware as Waikiki is known to locals and to pest control businesses as having a huge bedbug infestation.
Yes, it is sad that owners and managers have to dip in to their pockets to pay for the cleaning but think about the vacationers who were unsuspecting

and could now be taking them home, never mind their holiday was ruined. It's a nasty problem but it does need to be dealt with as this is their business.
We save all year to be able to go on family holidays...we paid for a holiday that we didn't have. Bedbugs are a nightmare!!! We wouldn't wish this on anyone!

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This is a reply to the bedbug report below…
I thought it would only be fair that I as the manager of this condo be given a chance to state all the facts in regard to the report below.
The guest had called me after spending their first night in this condo saying that he thought he may have been bit by a bedbug…he said he found a dead bug shell on the headboard. I went to the condo to meet with the guests…as he said there was a dead bug shell on one of the headboards…I had both headboard

s removed and discarded as a precaution. The guest wasn’t sure what to do next so I along with his wife suggested he stay one more night and see how it goes. The next day he called me saying that he had gone to the doctor because he woke to more outbreaks…the doctor diagnosed him with having hives. Approximate two weeks later their son woke to bites…upon searching the room, they found a couple bugs in the sofa sleeper and one on the bed. The guests and I started searching for a new place to stay…We found a hotel room that I paid for. After their first night stay in the new room, they found two bugs of which they killed… It is thought that the two bugs traveled with them in their luggage. They then after staying in the new room for 6 nights decided to terminate their vacation three days sooner than planned so I paid for their airline change fee. I also reimbursed them a portion of their original payment because the room they stayed in for their last 6 nights was not an ocean view room nor renovated as they had originally paid for. Since then, I have discarded of all furniture, linens, books etc. in the room…replaced with all new items. The room was sprayed a total of three times and steamed twice. I recently had an expert inspect the room who said there are no bedbugs…as well as no bedbug eggs. This condo is clean, filled with new items, and bug free!
While I am very sorry for what happen to these people...
I truly think it is a shame that as bedbugs transport via in the traveler’s luggage…that we as the owners or managers get the blame for the infestation. The owners and managers do not cause the problem but yet we are the ones having to fork out a lot of bucks in pest control companies and purchasing new furnishings, linens etc. and we get the bad reviews!
Thank you…

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Travellers beware! Suite 3608T2 was contaminated with bedbugs. After one night my husband woke with about 10 bites (I have pictures). We had no idea what the cause was, although after looking on line we wondered if it could be bedbugs. We called Jackie (manager) to come take a look, she did very promptly. Although we didn't know we were dealing with bedbugs yet, dirty headboards with dead bug on them were removed. My husband went to the doctor who said they may be bites or hives. We thou

ght he was allergic to something as everyday he had more welts...then my son woke with bites all over his body! By this point we knew it was bedbugs! We searched and did find some. It has been a total nightmare! Our holiday was cut short and we lost all our luggage as we didn't want to take a chance that we didn't kill all the hitchhikers. (We did find some in our luggage) We washed all our clothes in hot water and hot dryer. (lost many clothes due to shrinkage) Still to this day we have trouble sleeping, it's amazing how these evil bugs can have such an impact! Please be careful as we wouldn't wish this on anyone!!

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