Resort Quest Waikiki Circle
2464 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-3237

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stayed here for the 10 years. never had problems of any kind. staff is great abour solving any problems. last stay was sept 6-13th 2011. no bugs of any kind , just great room and staff , as always.

Stayed Wed 10/27-Tues 11/2. By Friday morning I had welts on hands and arms. Later they also appeared on feet, legs, torso and cleavage. Staff at the desk first said could be mosquito bites, and then on Sunday sent housekeeping up to change all the bedding in the room, but after I actually saw and killed a bug on my nightgown in the middle of the night (sunday night), the head manager (who had been off for the weekend) immediately moved us to another room Monday morning and comped us for 4 ou

t of 6 nights. Other than the one bed bug I found and killed (no doubt about what it was- based on the picture I have now seen, I think it was a nymph engorged with (my) blood)- I never saw any bugs although I inspected sheets, and my roommate (separate bed) had NO bites, which is probably why I wasn't more insistent sooner. I even thought maybe I was allergic to pineapple juice or a new sunscreen, because some of my bites almost looked like hives to me. I really like this place other than the bedbug issue. It is no frills but friendly with a great location/view and good prices. They have started major renovations including replacing carpeting, curtains, beds, furniture, bathroom tiles and headboards. They put us in the one newly refurbished room for our last night, and I hope they realize they should now treat that room too!
P.S. The manager, whose name was Chip, was very gracious and sympathetic, but did not give me ANY advice about my luggage (which is still in the trunk of my car!)or how to avoid bringing them home. Just said, use calamine lotion, which was good advice. He also told us the whole hotel had been treated in the past- I don't know when.
P.P.S. Please feel free to edit if this is TMI.

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