Ocean Resort Hotel
175 Paoakalani Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-3743

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We stayed here from 11/6/2010 to 11/13/2010. Upon getting a quick glance of the room 404 after checking in, it looked a bit old. The carpets looked worn and had a few stains. There was a weird smell coming from the room too. Upon settling in the room, I had a closer look, and mainly did a check for bedbugs. I quickly noticed some dead bedbugs on the floor of the room. There were quite many of them too (and thinking back to the weird smell, some insecticide must have recently been used in th

e room). I wasn't going to wait around to find a live one. I quickly informed the front desk, and the front desk person really didn't seem to think it was a big deal at all. He said, "Oh, well for bedbugs, some guest must have brought them here. We don't normally have bedbugs here. We just have problems with ROACHES." Wow! Much better news there! We were moved to room 314. I did another inspection here, but didn't find any bedbugs immediately. However, the floor was really dirty. During the week, my girlfriend got what she thought to be a pimple on her chest. As time passed though, it became more and more itchy, like an insect bite. If this wasn't bad enough, she started to have an allergic reaction to it, with rashes developing on her arms and legs. Finally, the day before we left, I discovered a live bedbug in the closet walking around. It was a baby one, as it was translucent and not dark reddish brown like the dead ones I found in room 404, but that didn't matter. It proved that the hotel was infested with bedbugs in multiple rooms and multiple floors. It basically meant all our belongings had to be sanitized when we returned home. We had to wash everything in hot water (as high temperatures kill bedbugs), and had to store all our luggage in huge tightly sealed plastic bags. They'll have to remain sealed in the garage for the next few months. What a mess this created for our trip!

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