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Honolulu, HI

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May 2012.
Found one bug in room. Several days later were bitten. Housekeeping staff said they did not have problems. They said they had the exterminator check the room, but did not find any.
Had the bumps and rash ...didn't know immediately what it was. Itchy!
Probably not so many yet, as we were not bitten every night..but definitely at least a few. Not fun to itch for over a week.
Hotel basically claimed there were no more....although I found that one and gave it to the

m. I am sure they are not the only ones with a problem..but they did not offer even a slight refund. They said they would have sent us to the doctor but we had checked out that day and went to another part of the island.(and who wants to run around and deal with their problem on vacation?) I hadn't looked up what bedbug bites looked like..until after we left there. So it was after the fact that I put two and two together, and so that was it. We were otherwise okay with the hotel.

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