120 Kaiulani Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-3227

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On December 30, 2010 we arrived at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel, at 120 Kaiulani Ave, around 1 am (we were trying to catch a standby flight out, and had no luck that day). Having just been through a bed bug nightmare at home (we got the all clear by NESDCA certified bed bug sniffing dogs on Dec. 17, before we left for vacation), naturally I am cautious EVERYWHERE we go. Of, course I checked this website before choosing this hotel. We arrived at the room and immediately placed our suitcases in the

bathroom. I went straight to one of the beds, and at a corner by the headboard, pulled everything back down to the mattress. On the corner right there were to exoskeletons. I pulled the mattress away from the wall to find a few nymphs crawling right below the headboard. We took the exoskeletons and a nymph I killed down to the desk to request our money back, as we of course would not be staying at this hotel. Management said they would let housekeeping know, as it was their responsibility to take care of those kinds of things... HOUSEKEEPING?!?!?!?! I told them they might want to contact a professional.

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