Kuhio Village
2463 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-3340

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We visited a condo here in October 2014 via airbnb. We both noticed a couple (maybe 5) small black spots on the sheets but thought they were just either dirt marks or marker markings and figured the sheets had been just washed so no biggie. We also just ran into the cleaning lady before entering our room and she said she had just finished cleaning our condo. We kept getting a couple more bites about 15 more each day we stayed, but figured we'd gone on a hike on day 2 so thought they might be mos

quito bites that hadn't showed earlier. After day 4, new bites were still turning up, and over 70 bites later, I started to get suspicious. We decided to look under the mattress and box spring skirt and yup, bed bugs!!!!! All over!!!! Big ones, small ones, we put 2 live specimen in ziplocks. But every corner if the box spring had those same black markings, only ten times fold, and with bugs crawling all over them. After looking up more research, more "black spots" aka bed bug excrement showed up all over the sheets, along with my blood. This was about 11 am. We immediately called our airbnb host, they switched out room, and spent the next 10 hours separating EVERYTHING, laundry EVERYTHING, wiping down everything, putting everything in plastic bags, double bagging everything, throwing out over $100 worth of products, and throwing out our luggages/bags (which were another $150 at least), going to walmart, and buying new luggages (spent another $100 on that ). We went to walmart at 9 pm, ate dinner at 10 pm. And went back to pack everything until midnight to get ready for our morning flight out. I could sleep anyways just thinking of the bed bugs!!!!!

A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!! Completely ruined our last day!!!!!! And really just put a bad taint on our whole vacation. Now we are worried/paranoid of bringing it back with us. Trying to be as careful as we can, but that doesn't always work.

Also, when we took our old luggage outside the building to dump, there were mattresses laid up against the wall, FILLED WITH OBVIOUSLY VISIBLE BAD BUG EXCREMENT. UUGGHHHHH!!!!

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In May 2012 I resided at Kuhio Village. I saw several mattresses leaning up against the building with spray paint on them with the word "BUGS" on them. I asked my landlord to exterminate my apartment for preventative maintenance, and he said the owner would not. In May 2013 my apartment had been completely infested while I was visiting family in California.

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