Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa
2005 Kalia Rd
Honolulu, HI 96815-1917

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Stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian for 6 days end of July 2019. We received a king suite late in the day and we were exhausted after check-in. I usually check for bedbugs but didn't since this was a Hilton. Next morning, I woke up early to go grab some coffee and breakfast for my husband and daughter. Upon my arrival, we were all in good spirits. All of a sudden, my daughter screams and says "mommy, there is a bug in the bed!" she jumps off and I throw the covers over and there was a FAT BEDBUG

, which I kill. The bug was full of blood, so it must have fed on us the whole night. I called guest services immediately and requested another room. Sad part is, management questioned whether we had been bitten or not and it literally took me the whole afternoon calling and bugging them (no pun intended) to try to get switched to another room. We will definitely not be returning.

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Bedbug bites!!! At Tapa tower room 641. It was fine the first two nights. The third morning, woke up with clear bites on both thighs!!!

Bedbug bites!!! At Tapa tower room 641. It was fine the first two nights. The third morning, woke up with clear bites on both thighs!!!

Bedbug bites!!! At Tapa tower room 641. It was fine the first two nights. The third morning, woke up with clear bites on both thighs!!!

Bedbug bites!!! At Tapa tower room 641. It was fine the first two nights. The third morning, woke up with clear bites on both thighs!!!

Family trip - Had over 8 rooms here and we we all had issues with bedbugs. Different towers same bed bug problems.

I work in Global Sales in the hospitality industry. My wife pointed out small bugs on our beds (Ali'i tower room 1518, stayed May 28th though June 10th, 2015) and I said, they can't be bed bugs... this is a great hotel. I have also worked in hotels since 2002 and have never seen a bed bug before. My 4 year old was complaining about itching alot during our stay and when we came home, my one year old had a "rash" all over her. Now I have bites all over and have found bugs in all of our beds.

I called the Hilton and am waiting to fill out a security report. Really disappointed with the Hilton and told them to not rent that room out, until properly resolved.

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Stayed in room 1126 of Ali'i tower from March 11-15, 2015 with my husband and son. I woke every morning with itchy welts on my arms and legs and suspected bedbugs. On the morning of the 15th, we found a bed bug on the sheets after I insisted that we do a careful inspection (husband works in public health and has studied bedbugs specifically- what we saw was undoubtedly a bed bug and not anything else.) Trusting husband gave captured bug to hotel manager (Chandra Huang)assuming she would follow t

hrough on her promise to present it to exterminators, however upon my later questioning she admitted she had squished the bug because she 'doesn't like bugs' and had the audacity to suggest that I had been bitten by mosquitoes instead. Not only does this hotel have a bedbug problem, they are well aware of it and have no intention of doing anything to fix it.

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May 13, 2014

I was planning to stay at this hotel for a conference. As usual, I checked into my room located in Kalia Tower and stripped the bed to check for bed bugs. As soon as I moved the sheet near the headboard I saw a bed bug scurry across the bed. I immediately went to the front desk and they moved me to a room in the Tapas tower (after telling me that I should avoid the diamond head tower because it is older and they didn't "want to risk it").

I did the same thing in this room and

found another dead bug under the mattress in this room (not completely sure this one was a bed bug or not). At that point I had simply had enough and moved to a new hotel. The staff was very helpful in getting me to my final destination and did not charge any fees for cancelling my reservation.

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August 25 - 30, 2013. Checked in hotel Tapa building. Both wife and I were woke up with bites. Initial thoughts mosquito bites. Second day, more bites shoulders, back sides, arms, legs and ankles. We reported to hotel staff. Some staff admitted there was a beg bug problem. Management down played the issue. They collected all our belongs, moved us to another room. The whole experience ruined our vacation.

Date 10/08/2013
Stayed at the hilton hawaiian village diamond head tower. Went to sleep and woke up with bites all over me. Saw a bug i squished it and blood flew out. Called management. Took them 8 hours to change our room. They gave us 2 comp dinners and 2 comp lunches and told us not to say anything. After speaking to another employee the employee said. Oh i thought we got rid of them.

We checked in July 18, 2013, into room 2421 Rainbow Tower. Noticed first two bites the next morning. Each subsequent morning there were more bites. I didn't even consider bed bugs as I have had no experience with them. After 6 nights I was so miserable I went to the doctor and started looking for bugs. I found them under the mattress on my side of the bed. I called the manager who sent people up to take pictures of my bites and the paperwork from the doctor.
We checked out that morning, which

was planned, and into another hotel. I am still miserable with the itching from the bites. I look horrible and can't show my arms in public. Totally ruined vacation. Don't know what the hotel will do as we have not heard back from anyone.

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Room 3233 TAPA Tower. 4am and I've been itchy for an hour last night of 5. Not sure what's up, but I'm pissed because we have 3 year old twins and I fear they are going to be covered when they wake

Stayed in Room 1514 of Rainbow Tower October 15-19 2012. Didn't see any bed bugs, but got what I thought were mosquito bites on my arms on legs. I figured I must have been bitten outside in the evening when I went for walks around the lagoon. Arrived home in Toronto October 20 in the morning. The bites lingered for a week, and then I noticed new bites on my fingers and forearms which I thought was strange. Then one night I woke up very itchy and sore and put the light on and saw a bug crawl

ing on the sheet. I now have bed bugs in my Toronto condo and have so far spent close to $1,500 trying to get rid of them with no success.

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I stayed with my girlfriend in May of 2010. This was the first hotel we stayed at and we did not leave the resort during our 2 night stay. After the first night, my girlfriend noticed a cluster of bites on her back, but since we had never been to Hawaii or seen bedbug bites before, we thought it was maybe ants at the pool. The next morning we woke up and my girlfriend was covered on her stomach, back, and upper thighs, in what looked at first like a case of extreme poison ivy.I myself had a few

bites, but her skin is very sensitive so it was painful to even look at. Since we hadn't been around poison ivy, we became very concerned and googled a description of her rash. The results pointed conclusively to bedbugs- the bites were all in threes in the middle of her body and appeared after waking. She called security, and when she lifted her shirt for them to take a photo of the bites, the guy winced and commented that it was the worst case he had ever seen, and admitted that they had had bedbug problems before. We were checking out that day anyway, so when we to the front desk, my girlfriend asked to have the room comped, but offered to pay for all the services we had used (over $400 with a meal at their steakhouse, room service, valet parking, and drinks). They told her they couldn't do that and told her to go through the insurance company. Since she was a law student, she knew that would mean going through their attorney, so, since the week was going to be spent miserable, inside in cool air rubbing on Calamine lotion anyway, she googled and found an attorney of her own. After being bombarded with intrusive discovery requests and putting up with insulting settlement offers, she finally got a fair settlement.Don't let these guys push you around!

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I vacationed at this hotel recently and it was very clean, beds were new, husband did the bedbug check before we put our bags in the room and not one speck. Housekeeping changed our bedding on request and vacuumed everyday, like I said, the beds were new and unstained. we stayed for 7 nights and it is the nicest hotel we had ever stayed in.

stayed October 2012

I have reservations for this hotel for June 2012. After the reports on your website, I became concerned. I called to speak to the hotel manager on duty. She was not reassuring. She basically said bed bugs were all over Waikiki! She did not tell me how they handle incidents of bug presence in their rooms. I asked if there were any towers without the bed bugs and she said she could not answer that! I am cancelling my reservations.

Mother and I stayed in the Tapa Tower-- 2550. My mother had been getting bit by bed bugs but had dismissed them thinking it was mosquitos for 4 days/nights. 5th day... She was certain it was bed bugs and went and told the hotel manager. Security came up a few minutes later and asked a few questions and took pictures. They also had my mother fill out an incident report. They moved us into the Ali'i tower about an hour later. Didnt do anything else other than apologize.. Didnt offer refunds, a fru

it basket, dinner, nothing. When we asked what to do next... They just kept saying "i dont know." Anyway, we were paranoid the critters would follow us. But not nearly paranoid enough. It is now 3:29AM, I am sitting in the bathroom with the lights on in order the keep the creepy crawlers away (I'm bugaphobic). Anyway, we are on the 15th floor and this trip is ruined. Thank you Hilton Corporations for absolutely Nothing. The least you coulda done is offer reimbursements for laundry or give us a few tips!!!! Anything woulda been better than Nothing.

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Thanks for the heads up! Sure appreciate peoples warnings. Even when they say they have cleaned up, they aren't all gone I hear?

At Rainbow Tower checking in October 21. Didn't check bed or bugs as I read now should be standard procedure when checking into any hotel room.

Within 2 days after checking in, started to feel "itchy" both lower legs; then Tuesday (day 4) at about 6 AM found small red marks on both calves and what looked to be a dark coloured tick or something embedded in abdomen near umbilicus. Freaked a bit, called front desk who stated they would move us but I would have to fill out a report with securit

y, have pictures taken, etc. first.

Went to MD in the Rainbow Bazaar at 8 AM who removed dried blood at my abdomen and diagnosed "insect bites". Filled out all reports with security just before lunch, answered all questions (including patiently answering "no" to all 5 times I was asked if I was drinking the night before), gave them copy of medical report which clearly stated "insect bites" but still waited all day for new room move and finally at 7 PM we were moved to another room still in the Rainbow Tower.

Stayed another 2 nights in new room, but... slept on top of covers with all skin covered including tucking pj bottoms into socks! Day after we were moved to new room, returned late in day to find a large fruit tray in room, "from security" apologizing for any inconvenience. Now two days home, have washed every piece of clothing, etc. in suitcase and have suitcase in garage. I think I will buy a new suitcase. Today, I now have large, very itchy lines of what looks like mosquito bites on both legs. Reading online tells me this could last up to nine days!

Sure hope I have not brought bugs home!

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As company trining trip, we had 13 rooms for double occupied, 8 memeber complained of Bedbug big. Hotel upgraded 4 rooms to Ocean Front, however when we asked about conpensation, they said that there were no Bedbug in 4 rooms. We are pretty sure these bites were by Bedbug.

Checked into Hilton Hawaiian, Tapa Tower (they have several towers). Discovered bedbugs on the cover on Sunday, Sept. 4th. Checked under bedspring cover and it was really gross - black streaks and bedbugs crawling around. Hotel moved me and my now possibly infested stuff to Diamond Head Tower, not sure if they have a protocol to follow but that didn't seem wise. They should have offered to clean my stuff instead of just moving it around. After not returning my calls for awhile, they made me

talk to managers, front desk, security, guest relations and housekeeping, retelling the same story over and over. They didn't want to pay for both nights I stayed in that room - telling me to contact their insurance company. They weren't concerned about any bites my family might have nor have they followed up with any calls. Always recommended this hotel but very disappointed with them this time.

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Friend found bed bug crawling on pillow late at night. May have come from rollaway bed brought up earlier. This was on a higher floor of the building with the big rainbow mosaic on the side (can't remember the tower name).

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