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I rented an apartment from a property manager 2 1/2 years ago. I knew nothing about bedbugs and so did no inspection for them.

Within 8 months, I started getting some bites but more conspicuous were the brownish red dots left by bedbug feces on the pillows and sheets. Still not knowing anything about bedbugs, I just figured I cut myself shaving.

Then, one night while watching tv, I noticed movement between the mattress box spring and the metal frame. There were dozens of bedbugs.


g story short, after eight months and mattress dust mite covers for the mattress, box spring and lounge chair, steam treatment of the dinning chairs, and killing hundreds of them in many other ways, they are gone for good - bedbug free now for 18 months and forever. My recommendation for anyone who has bed bugs is to inspect your bed, spring, sitting chairs and dining chairs closely. If you see anything resembling a bug or it's brownish red dropings(that just look like little blood specs), get the dust mite covers from Walmart($15-$20 a piece), cover your mattress, spring and large chairs - anything where they can hide and lay eggs, and steam the other areas(I used a small, cheap, clothes steamer used to take out wrinkles). They, and their eggs, die instantly from steam, even drowning in any liquid.

After reading about bedbugs and the remedies, I though that I could have brought them in. But, not having any symptoms before, I believe without reservation that the people who bought the used furniture to furnish the apartment got it from the street side and that's where the bugs came from. So, make sure the furniture(chairs mostly), if used, is not recently obtained from curbside pickup areas.

Also remember that many men are not allergic to their bites and show little to no symptoms. Checking for the feces is a better method.

Because I had no absolute proof that it wasn't me, I did not inform the property manager. I'm sure they would have charged me thousands for workers who couldn't find a bug if it crawled on them.

So, long story short again, always and everywhere, look for bugs where you sleep, sit or dine in your room. It would be impossible to check everywhere in the world but you can check your room and living area.

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