Ewa Hotel Waikiki
2555 Cartwright Rd
Honolulu, HI

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My wife and I stayed at the Ewa Hotel Waikiki for one night on Saturday, Oct 16, 2010. We were in room 713. We actually saw several dead bugs, but did not see any live ones. We were happy with the hotel itself and with the employees with whom we dealt. My wife, however, now has about 30-40 bites on her arms and shoulders and 5 more on her face. We're not planning to stay there again.

Stayed at this hotel from Dec. 27th, 2009- Jan. 3rd 2010. We were bit repeatedly during our stay, and kept hoping that it was simply sand fleas or something from the beach. However, upon arriving home in Vancouver one person in our party discovered a bed bug in her luggage.

We had suspected bed bugs midway through our stay (but didn't want to believe it) and had asked the front desk if they had ever had a problem. They flat out denied it.

We had been curious because everything in that ho

tel is OLD OLD OLD, but they have brand new mattresses. Seemed odd. When we found out about the bugs it all made sense. They had tried to get rid of the problem by simply getting new mattresses, instead of realizing that bed bugs would be in their walls, under the carpet, etc.

Do not stay at this hotel!

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