Aqua Island Colony
445 Seaside Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-2626

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We were here for a week and noticed bedbugs and cockroaches. Notified hotel and had to fight with them to resolve the issue. Will never stay here again

I moved in here September 2, 2014. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Hundreds of bites later I saw a doctor and called pest control both of which informed me I moved into a place with bed bugs. My landlord tried to blame it on me and told me I had a new mattress. I checked the mattress date - 2003. That's 11 years OLD. AND it's a used mattress that was delivered to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I pre-paid my rent, and now I have to live like this unless I can get out of my lease. They

fumigated and it was some half assed job, apparently there is a history of it in the building. DO NOT RENT OR STAY HERE. $1,400 a month to live with buts chewing me to death. So pissed and to be blamed for this is even worse.

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We were there August 7 - 17th, 2012. The beds had bed bugs which were noticeable and biting! When we looked behind the bed they were there as well. It was an awful experience and were extremely bit up! When we told the hotel staff they did not seem concerned or alarmed! Just an awful experience.

I stayed there from 10/22-10/25, 2010 in room 1115. I did not notice bites while there but they did hitch a ride in my suitcase. I just had to hire an exterminator to clear them from my house.

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