Super 8
105 Woodcrest Blvd
Warner Robins, GA 31093-8825

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I stayed at this hotel on April 14 th April 17. the first night there I pulled back the sheets and found a brown bug about 1/4 to 1/8 size of a cock roach. I had never seen a bed bug and i didn't know that is what this was. I killed it with a kleenex and blood came out. We had just driven 900 miles and it was almost midnight. We were very tired and didn't want to find another hotel. Looking back knowing what i know now i would have RAN out of ther!! I should have known! but i didn't 1 week af

ter i got back home I woke up to bites all over my neck still didn't realize what they were the next night I woke up in the night and pulled my own covers back and found another one of these bugs. I went to internet looked up bed bug and that is what this horrible things were!!! Since then my house has been torn apart. pulling up base boards and carpets and spraying and still getting bites. :( purchasing mattress covers and pillow covers and 50 pounds of DE and speading that all over the house. washing and drying everything in the house and putting it into trash bags and sealing them up. When I called the hotel they said "sorry you must have picked them up somewhere else" even after I told them about killing a brown bug in the bed the first night i was there. They have been nothing but unhelpful and denying everything!

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