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My wife and I spent two days in Savannah, Georgia at the Westin Savannah Hotel Resort and Spa. We made reservations on 08 Dec 2012 and stayed 14 and 15 Dec 2012. We initially stayed in Room 807, at approximately 10:00 pm we were eating pizza and my wife was sitting on the bed and I noticed a small bug on the sheet of the bed. My wife evacuated the bed and I took several pictures then trapped the bug in a fold of the sheet. We contacted the hotel and asked for a manager to come to our room.

Miss Lauren and two other managers came to the room. I showed them the bug but Miss Lauren said even though she had never seen a bedbug that this bug was too big to be one. It was about 1/4 of an inch long and looked like a cross between a small roach and a tick. We were moved to room 917 for the rest of our stay. I was called a few days later by Mr. Collin Kaiser from Westin Savannah. He informed me that the exterminator found another bedbug in room 807. I described several other maintenance and service issues and I got the feeling that he DID NOT plan to address ANY of them. My wife and I will never stay at Westin Savannah again.


Jon Nelsen
119 Schooner Lane
Columbia, SC 29212

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