Quality Inn Heart of Savannah
300 W Bay St
Savannah, GA

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As one of the owners of the Quality Inn Heart of Savannah, I was extremely upset when I saw our name listed on your website. After investigating, I discovered that right after this guest checked out we had our exterminator (a bedbug specialist) check the room thoroughly. There was no evidence of bedbugs whatsoever. I will point out that during this time of year there are excessive gnats coming in off the water and swampy areas around savannah, and we did see a few of those on our property. T

hey are impossible to control for the several weeks that they are present. Please remove this claim from your website as we do not have any evidence of bedbugs whatsoever.

Roy Adilman
[email protected]
Quality Inn – Heart of Savannah Motels, Inc.
404-256-2211 x 11

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Bed bugs! On the 8th, we stayed in room 109. Worst experience ever. Not only their water wouldn't flush, but also they had bugs in their bed.

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