La Quinta Inn Savannah Midtown
6805 Abercorn St
Savannah, GA 31405-5822

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I am writing you to file a complaint against the La Quinta Inn -6805 Abercorn Street, Savannah GA 31405 (912) 355-3004. Below I list the event that happen to me and my spouse why we were staying at the La Quinta.
• On Sat. October 27, 2012 myself and Braven Jackson check in to the hotel around 12:30am Sunday morning.
• Early that morning I woke up to a bite feeling on my leg. I went back to sleep later I got up and went down for breakfast I told the front desk clerk about it. She said no

worry it must be from the remodeling from the dust or something. We clean your room.
• We went back to the room and took a nap in the afternoon. Before we took a nap we put up the do not disturb on the door. Within a half hour the maintenance mans was knock on our door tell us they had to replace item in the room, they replace a chair by the side of the bed I sleep on.
• That night I went to sleep and I woke up two times saying something is biting me. I went back to sleep and it felt like a thousand of bug was biting me I got out of bed turn on the light My right side of my body was swollen my face , arm and leg.
• Braven had to go to work and told me to speak with Hotel Manger.
• I called the front desk they said a manger will be here at 9am.
• At 9:12 am, I called Braven and walked to the front desk I spoke to a Carmdo he said he was a manger but his badge said front desk clerk. I explain to him what happen and He said what you want me to do about it. Braven heard this he got upset over the phone and told me to call police. I called the police they said there nothing they could do because they did not assault me.
• I called La quinta Corp. Office- I file a complaint about this. They gave me a claim number-1210029-000055.
• I was too scared to go in my room and my face and arm was so swollen that two house keeper came up to me. They ask me what happen one lady went got me some ice in a bag and the other lady name Andrea said it bed bug and we not suppose to have guest in the room. They asked what room I am in. I told her 268. The other house keeper said, I not cleaning this room.
• I went back to the front desk and ask for the General Manger, the front clerk said what do you want me to do about it. I asked for the GM again and He said I can move your room to next door. I told him that I heard this hotel had bed bug and you were not supposed to put guest in the rooms. He brushed me off again because more customers were coming in to check in.
• Then he told me he will give me a refund for the two day and move you to another room.
• Then The General Manger walk in I talk to him and he offer a new room, he moved me to room 270.
• I called price line because I booked this hotel thru them. I talk to them about the bed bug; he told he would call the hotel Manger to see if I could move to another hotel. He called me back and said he could not move me because the other La quinta was having bed bug problem them self.
• He then told me he talk to the Clerk at the front desk who said that he wanted me out of the hotel and I needed to move out the hotel by 12:00pm and they will give me a full refund.
• I called Braven to come and get me because they wanted me to move my stuff out the room. So I was standing outside the room waiting for my ride.
• The next think I knew the maintenance men came into the room start ripping up the carpet and throwing the bed and carpet over the banister into a green pickup truck.
• Braven was upset because he had to stop working and had to help me find a new hotel. I was scared because what happen at the first hotel. I called extends stay. They was the only hotel that would take me and they told me that I could not bring in any of my things from the other hotel .
• This was not the best hotel but the only one I could find fast.
• I called the health department and made a report with them. My hand and my face were hurting bad so I put more ice on it. The department gave me a case # 3006972 and said they will call me later. I called them back because I found a bug in my luggage. It was small and moved fast. The nice lady on the phone talk to me for about a hour because this was my first time to Savannah and I only knew one person and he was at work and could not talk to me.
• She told me to have my stuff treated but I told her I was flying out the next day and I do not have time and I cannot miss my flight.
• She gave me a web page to look up hotel called I look it up for Savannah, GA. And the first hotel listed was La Quinta Inn -6805 Abercorn Street, Savannah GA and label as closed until other notice.
• I then called the health department in my home state that person told me not to bring anything home these things are bad and can take thousand dollars to get out your home they like hide in any and every thing like computer and bags and clothing. I would not even walk in my house with the clothes I got on.
• I was so scared I did not sleep all night and have not been able to sleep. I sleep with the light on because I read they don’t come out in the day time, so I put extra lights around my bed,
• When I got home I strip down to nothing and trashed everything I took on this trip beside one camera that I took picture of all my things.
• I am a cancer survivor and I even trashed my wig,
• I file a complaint with Consumer department in the State of GA there confer# 3006972
• BBB of Northeast Florida and The Southeast Atlantic complaint # 9287099

This was and still a nightmare for me. I take a hot shower three to four time a day, if I feel anything crawling on me I run to the bathroom and take a shower, I clean my bed and change my bedding every day because of this. I have grandkids and I refused to see them until I feel safe for them to be around me. I would never wish this kind of nightmare on any one.

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October 1, 2011. Checked in around 3:00 PM. Wife took a nap, got up complaining of some kind of bite. Assumed, it was a misquito. That night she woke up at 1:AM with numerious bites. She smashed one full of blood. We started looking and found several full size bed bugs. We captured two and checked out and went to another hotel. Manager called me next day and apologized.
Said he would have a pest company check it the next day to see if they were bedbugs. I told him we know what they wer

e and don't B.S. me. My wife had a elergic reaction, we had to cut our vacation short and rush back to our home and had to be treated by doctor for the reaction. First time for us. We normally travel in an RV. From now on we will go back to the RV or do a very detailed inspection when we check in if we do not use the RV. We have so far spent two days disinfecting everything, including the car. Has cost us around $200.00 out of pocket so far.

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On 12/5/10, we checked in. We always check for bedbugs. Bedbugs were found in the bed between the mattress and box springs. The staff was very nice and offered to upgrade us to a suite. We declined, and they were nice about not charging us anything.

August 21, 2010

Both beds in our room had bedbugs crawling on them. One bed was worse than the other one. There was black stuff all across the top of the dust ruffle behind the mattress. It was disgusting! They moved us to another room.

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