Inn at Ellis Square
201 W Bay St
Savannah, GA 31401-1110

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August 18th, 2012

Two days after staying only one night at the hotel, my friend who stayed in the same room as me called to say he was covered in bed bug bites. I inspected myself, and noticed quite a few bites on my back and thighs. The hotel has been dragging its feet for over a month now to refund my half (only $70!!!!!!!!!!) of the room price. I now have bed bugs in my apartment, and car as well. This has been an absolute nightmare, and the fact that the hotel refuses to cooperate is abso

lutely infuriating. PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL

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I stayed at the Inn at Ellis Square on Sept 3rd 2008 and on the morning of Sept 4th, I saw a small bug on the bathroom floor. Thinking it was a moisture bug, I killed it with my big toe and it smeared blood on the light colored tile. Knowing this was not typical, I carefully inspected the bed sheets. There were several crawling around. I took a Styrofoam coffee cup and captured at least 6 and took it to the front desk. The clerk said she did not know what to do and said she would tell the manage

r when he arrived. I demanded that she call him at home which she did. The management complied with my demands so that I could ensure I could contain the situation and not bring them home. Fortunately, it was still hot during the day, so I put all my belongings into black garbage bags and left them in my minivan in the hot sun. Research on the topic said that bedbugs cannot survive hot temps (140 degrees F) for more than a couple hours. This worked. I demanded that the hotel reimburse me and my company for time lost and expenses which they did. Now I do a room inspection every time I enter a hotel room looking for the tell tale signs of bedbugs.

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I took my family there for a vacation. We check in and had to be moved to another room due to the smell of mold and bits from the bed bugs which we could not see. We were given another room, however they traveled back home with us and now I am fighting them here at home. I was there on April 4th through the 6th. I will never stay there again.

A group of my co-workers stayed here in April 2010 and 3 of the 8 of us had bed bugs in our rooms.

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