Best Western Savannah Historic District
412 W Bay St
Savannah, GA 31401-1115

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May 2014 -- This hotel is dirty, dark and dingy so it is not usually easy to spot bugs. However, as usual, i checked the sheets first and found blood stains toward the lower corner. When i pulled the sheet out to investigate further, bugs fell from the underside of the mattress and scurried under the bed. Of course, i was ready to leave immediately. As my husband is not as easily convinced, he decided to check for himself. He was on the opposite side of the bed and when he lifted the edge of t

he sheet, he also saw something drop to the floor. Further, he found a pill lying on the floor by the night stand. We immediately left the room and asked for our money back. The desk clerk, who said she was the manager, did not even look surprised when we told her they had bed bugs. She merely said that she could not confirm that until the next week when the pest control company could come in and that there was nothing she could do that night. We departed. Unfortunately, the hotel was full and many other unsuspecting families may have been victims.

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