Americas Best Value Inn
390 Canebrake Rd
Savannah, GA 31419-9000

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IF YOU STAY IN THIS HOTEL, YOU WILL TAKE BED BUGS HOME WITH YOU! I hate to say it, but having lived in New York City for 4 years and had 2 separate (definitely not related) bed bug infestations, I know more about bed bugs than most.

We stopped at this America's Best Value Inn around midnight on July 20, 2010. Sure the hotel wasn't anything to look at, but it was cheap, and they allowed my 80+lb dog. Immediately upon entering the room, I went to the mattress to check for signs of the dreaded

bugs. I found so many fecal stains underneath the mattress, that I knew immediately that there HAS to be bugs here. I found the same stains on the second mattress. Going back to the first mattress to look again, I found a full adult just sitting in the seam of the mattress. We immediately left and informed the management. Because it was past midnight, the management refused to refund our credit card and didn't seem to care at all that their guests were providing a nice feast for the bugs.

As previously stated, I have had infestations in the past. I have even had an infestation where my boyfriend and I wake up with 100+ bites without seeing a single bug or even evidence of the bugs (minus the bites of course). The infestation in this place is out of control. I found them in less than 5 minutes.

You're warned! DO NOT STAY HERE!

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