Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Savannah I-95 North
200 Raley Rd
Port Wentworth, GA

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Woke up after one night (5/28/14) in room 211 and my four year old daughter had 9 bites on her legs that were not there the evening before. I saw the pattern of 3 in a row. We did not see any bedbugs or evidence of them when we first got there (I checked after reading a report about a hotel down the street having them) nor did we see any after checking once we saw our daughter got bit. Over the next 3 days I have developed at least a dozen bites. We took all precautions (Bagging and launderi

ng) to ensure we did not take the bedbugs with us to our next hotel, or our home.

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Mon Dec 23 2013 and Fri Jan 03 2014. No problems in the room on Dec 23 2013 but the room we had on Jan 03 2014 most likely had them. When showering in the morning bites were visible and blood was found on our PJ's.

I stayed at the Country Inn and Suites in Port Wentworth, GA on January 13, 2012. The hotel was not extremely clean. The next morning, after I had gotten dressed, I noticed a slight burning on my upper right thigh. Two days later, I noticed a series of red bites on my leg. Three days later, the bites were very red, swollen and painful. I researched bites, and found that the bites on my leg (15 in total) were consistent with bed bugs. The bites were in the "3- breakfast-lunch-dinner" format

ion, and looked exactly like the photographs I had researched for beg bugs.

I contacted the hotel on January 20, 2012 and was assured that there were no bed bugs in the hotel, for they had just replaced all of their mattresses. The manager said that he would check the room out and would call me the next day. Four days later I had still recieved no call, so I contacted the Country Inn and Suites Corporate Customer Service Office (Jan 24) to report the incident. They took my claim, and issued with me a claim number. They assured me I would be contacted within 48 hours. 4 days passed and I received no call, so I called again (Jan 28). I was told that the manager of the hotel had Orkin come in and check out the room that I stayed in, as well as the entire hotel and there were no bed bugs found. My claim was unfounded. They also indicated that if they were bed bugs, I would have noticed the bites the very next day, they would not have appeared 2 days later. This statement is inconsistent with the research I have performed, which states bites can appear up to 14 days after the bite occurs.

I have photographs of the bites. I offered twice to go to the doctor to have the bites inspected. The bites are still visible, but the swelling and redness have subsided greatly.

I have asked for a copy of the Orkin report.

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