Super 8
1311 Ga-20 W
Mcdonough, GA 30253

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Checked into the hotel on December 29, 2011, around 6:36 pm. Noticed 2 bugs along the Plastic skirting of the bed. Went to the desk and asked if they had bed bugs and why the box spring and mattresses were wrapped in plastic. I was assured they had no bugs. So, we went for a bite to eat. And upon our return, I turned on the lights. Sure enough, there they were. This time, they were along both box springs(we had 2 beds) and along the wooden microwave table. Caught one in a kleenex and took it to

the front desk. The lady was not surprised and told my husband to throw the kleenex in the garbage. She did not want to see it. She promptly refunded our money. We checked out at 8:26. Yes, after looking up the pictures of beg bugs, that's what they were. So, Super 8 in McDonough is not a place to stay!

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