Fairfield Inn-McDonough
30 Mill Rd
Mcdonough, GA 30253-5983

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I stayed at this hotel in early march and woke up to find a bed bug in the bed. My first reaction was to kill it and it was full of blood my wife and myself had no bites but infant son had red spots few days later. My wife and myself checked online right away and confirmed it was a bed bug. We even checked the room the night before ahead settling in due to general paranoia and found nothing when giving the bed and head board a check even checking under the mattress and box spring and moving end

tables. Notified hotel by email as just wanted to get out of their as fast as possible and they seemed concerned when they called me. They refunded the room and said they checked and found nothing there but there was definitely more there because we had a folding travel crib with us during that stay for our 3 months old and when we got home (traveling through to visit parents) we hot washed all clothes, and steamed luggage and washed fabric parts and mattress of crib but about 4 weeks later we found bed bugs in our sons crib late at night. He was getting bitten and had red spots on him, which we had seen for a few weeks but could not explain. We had a specialized company come in and luckily we got the problem before they were adults and could lay eggs but still thru out his crib and other furniture near it as a precaution and big cost treating place hopefully taken care of. We went beyond recommended treatment but idea of bed bugs is disgusting. There must have been more than one bug in the hotel room as male and female needed to lay eggs.

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April 2012. I am a light sleeper (thank goodness!) and I was awakened at 3:30am feeling something crawling on me. I swatted at it, jumped out of the bed, turned on the light and there it was...a nasty bedbug! I grabbed the ziplock baggie I had other items in, dumped those out and managed to trap the gross thing in the bag. I googled bedbug images and compared them to what I had trapped in the baggie and YES it was definitely a bedbug!! I will say the management seemed very concerned after I s

howed them the live evidence. They offered to put me in another room....needless to say I declined the offer and checked out! I will NOT ever be returning to that hotel!

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