Quality Inn at Fort Stewart Hinesville
706 E Oglethorpe Hwy
Hinesville, GA

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Expecting to stay in this pet-friendly hotel several days while looking for a new home (military relocation). Opted to skip housekeeping service after the first night to avoid stressing my pet.
Second night, pulled back sheets to find a small blood streak (mine?) near my pillow. Upon closer inspection found two tiny brownish red insects slowly crawling at the head of the bed; first thought they might be fleas, but they didn't jump, and they were easily smooshed ( ugh, sorry). Looked carefully

around the bed and noted old food and debris from other patrons. Informed management, who moved me to another room. In the second room I didn't see any signs of bed bugs, but definitely saw signs of poor housekeeping ( old toenail clippings next to the bed). Have mercy.

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