Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Brunswick I-95, GA
211 Gateway Center Blvd
Brunswick, GA

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We stayed at this Brunswick Country Inn and Suites for 4 nights (room 217). It looked clean but after the first night I had 3 bites in a row on my leg and 1 bite on my elbow. I suspected bed bugs but thought it could be mosquito bites. The 2nd night I had a bite on the top of my left hand. No one else in my family got bit and I didn't see any bugs so I ignored it. The last night I saw 2 of the black ink looking crosses of bed bug excrement on my pillows. At 11:00pm I saw one crawling on the wall

near the side of the bed. I killed him but I'm pretty sure they were hiding behind the headboard. I won't be taking any of my stuff in my house until it is all heat cleaned or cleaned with rubbing alcohol because that dehydrates them. This wasn't the only problem we had with this location. 2 of the 4 nights we stayed, our room keys were deactivated so we had to get new ones from the front desk, our bill was 100.00 over the original confirmation email amount (they fixed that), the blow dryer didn't work. And on the last night while we had a "do not disturb" sign on the door, they came in while we were not there and took one of stand lamps and exchanged out another desk lamp. We called down to the office to let them know that someone came into our room when we were out and had the do not disturb sign up but they said they have a sign posted stating they can come in even if the do not disturb sign is on your door. I think that is horrible, especially since we only had 1 more night there. They could have waited. I have stayed at several Country Inn and Suites before and never had a problem but i guarantee I won't stay at this one again!

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My sons and I spent the night of December 19th, 2013 in room #220 at this hotel on our way to Florida. My 16 year old (who slept in his own bed) showed me a bump near his mouth in the morning. At the time I thought it was a pimple. As we left the hotel he complained of more irritated places on his body. We drove to a drug store and purchased hydro cortisone immediately. As I had no experience with bed bugs, they were not on my radar. (At this time I thought perhaps he was having an allergi

c reaction to the detergent on the hotel sheets.) He was miserable by the evening and at that point I consulted my sister in law who is a nurse. I bought Benadryl. The next day he was so miserable I went to the Urgent Care in Miami and he was diagnosed with insect bites and pruritus. The only explanation is bed bugs. The bites were on his arms, neck, face, and lower back. He wore pajama bottoms to bed the night he was bitten and I believe that is why he was not bitten in that area.
Today is February 2oth and the bite marks are still healing!
I reported this to the hotel and have not received a satisfactory response at this time.

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