Quality Inn Medical Center Area Augusta
1455 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901-2650

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On March 3, 2014, we checked in this hotel approximately 5pm. I checked the sheets and mattress but did not see anything. I saw a bug around 8pm, but I had never seen a bedbug and was not sure what it was. I checked my bed again and did not see anything. We went to sleep and about 12:30 am, I awoke to something crawling on my arm. My husband checked my bed and found 4 more in my bed and 3 in his. Then I looked at the wall and saw a few crawling up the wall. We showered and got our stuff and went

to the office to report the incident. The attendant apologized and offered us another room or a room at one of their sister hotels. Of course, we were so traumatized that we didn't want another room there and I was to have surgery the next morning at 6 at the University Hospital just across the street. We decided to drive over to the hospital parking lot and spend the next few hours in our truck. I had my surgery the next morning and then we got a room at the Holiday Inn Express for the next night, which turned out to be very, very nice. It was about 10 days later before I started itching from bites on the back of my neck, arms and legs and some are still itching at 3 weeks later. If my husband was bitten, the bites didn't bother him. Needless to say, this was quite a traumatic experience that I would not wish on anyone!!

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