Embassy Suites Hotel Hotels
1030 Crown Pointe Pky
Atlanta, GA 30338-4775

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I stayed at this hotel on 12-27-2015. Next morning I found 3 bits marks on my neck, 2 bits on my right arm, and more than 10 bits on left arm. I complaint this at front when I checked out, and only given itch-stop ointment. My room was on 8th floor. The marks still remain after 10 days now. Very annoying.

Stayed at hotel on September 2014; noticed a line of about 4 bite marks along my jaw line the day I checked out. Subsequently the next day, there were lines of bite marks on various parts of my body (where my pjs exposed my body). Will never stay here again

I was in town for business for 3 nights. The second night, I woke up and saw a bed bug on one of the pillows. I killed it, compared it to pictures online to confirm, and brought it to the front desk. They moved me to a new room.

The third night, I woke up with big itchy welts all over my back and in the crook of my knee. So they apparently moved me from one room with bed bugs into another one with even more. That or my luggage was infested. But I did an extremely thorough examination of my lu

ggage before leaving and found no traces. I've never seen bed bugs before this stay in my life, nor experienced these kinds of skin symptoms outside of exposure to mosquitoes.

If it matters, the first room was 502 and the second was 422.

The hotel said that the room had been quarantined and that they were taking a week to look at it with special lights. So maybe they are taking steps to remedy the situation.

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We got to the hotel on the evening of Sept 30, 2010. My wife has gotten in the habit of checking our hotel rooms before we move in. Though she had never found anything before, I am very glad she checked before moving into Room 813, because there was a bedbug under the corner of the mattress, surrounded by fecal material! :( We couldnt tell if it was dead or alive, and really didnt want to get close enough to find out!

We called the front desk, and they sent up keys to a different room on a

higher floor. After checking that one thoroughly, we decided to stay there still since we were all quite tired.

We were thinking that we should've gotten a picture, so I went back down, and the door was still unlocked, but the bug was gone (guess it was alive after all), however the fecal material was still there.

At checkout, I asked if anything was being done, and they said the manager would call me. 2 managers did call when we got back, and they told me the exterminator had been through the room and didnt find any bug, so they wouldnt be treating the room. I told them regardless of the expert opinion they received I could tell them for sure that there was a bedbug there, so I'd recommend they treat the room anyways. (though I dont think they were going to)

I also asked them if they saw the fecal matter, and they said they would go take another look and call me back. I didnt hear back from anyone for a few weeks, so I called and left another message for the manager. I didnt hear anything else from him, but got a voice mail from a lady a few days later saying that they were crediting us back the cost of our stay there, which we appreciate, but no further explanation.

So if you stay at the Embassy Suites Perimeter Center Atlanta, avoid Room 813. And if you ever stay anywhere that you find a bedbug, take a picture of it for documentation purposes! We learned the lesson..but hope that we dont need to use it again!

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