LA Quinta Inn
184 Northpoint Way
Acworth, GA 30102-2084

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ROOM 318 6/5/14 traveling down near Ocala, Florida with some friends. We decided to stop North of Atlanta, GA. I woke up several times itching. Finally at 4 am the kiitty cat that was traveling with us woke me up all the way. While in the rest room I discovered an insect on me. When I killed it blood went everywhere. I went back in to bed grabbed my pillows took them into the bathroom shook them and found another insect and killed it. AGAIN FULL OF BLOOD - I ASSUMED IT WAS MINE. I went online

and confirmed it was bed bugs.
We told the mgr about it and was told the bugs were too big to be bed bugs. The mgr said we did encounter something and gave us a 50% room discount.
Our fears are what little critters are riding along home with us and also who else will have to endure this same situation as well..

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