Comfort Inn Yulee
76043 Sidney Pl
Yulee, FL 32097

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On August 10,2019 we stayed at Comfort Inn in Yulee, Florida. At about 1:00 in the morning I woke up itching and went to the bathroom. I was about to get back in bed when I noticed something I thought was a tick but I put it under better lighting and crushed it. To my horror it popped blood. I then knew it was a bed bug. I pulled back the fitted sheet and there was more. We went to the desk and told them and asked for a refund which was not going to happen so we got another room just to have she

lter for the rest of night. The night clerk slid a bill under the door> I checked my bank account and to my dismay was charged for the new room not once but twice! It is now 6:24 pm and I have yet to receive the phone call from management I was told I would be receiving. I guess I will have to dispute it with my bank tomorrow. Update: before I posted this I called and was told that the room was inspected and no bedbugs were found, So I guess I am a liar as well. Just be careful and always check the bed.

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