Rodeway Inn
210 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33612-5230

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my wife & I attempted to stay at this location on 2/8/11.
After reading several articles on bedbugs (and what to look for) I did a quick check of the room. I noticed a few areas that definately were questionable. The stains I found all over the mattress were exactly what pictures on the internet showed. They were small, very small - not as if someone spilled something on the mattress (ie: soda, juice, etc.). I checked several other areas in the room including the headboard - all areas had the s

ame small stains.
I'm not an expert, that is why I did my research and by all accounts (pictures I've seen) they were exactly the size of what bedbugs leave behind.
Needless to say we didn't stay, the cheap price of the room was not worth the possibility of bringing anything home.
My suggestion to future guests, check check & double the check the room ESPECIALLY the mattresses. Based on what I read online you should check the pipping, between the mattress & boxspring and many more areas (do your research before you go !).
I'd also like to state that the pictures online are nothing like what the lobby & rooms actually look like. When I looked online the hotel looked great, nothing lavish but very accommodating - especially the pool area. The entire hotel is run down and needs more than a good cleaning. The lobby along with the rooms are filthy.
My advice would be to choose another hotel !

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Stayed for 3 nights. Bedbug bites appeared on 2nd morning. Was moved to a new room. No new bites the following week while on cruise. However new bug bites at home :(

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