Country Inn
915 S Falkenburg Rd
Tampa, FL 33619-8023

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I stayed at this hotel in mid to late November and had a horrible experience with bed bugs. I was only in the hotel for about 2 hours when I noticed bugs crawling on the sheets. I notified the front desk that I there were bugs crawling on the sheets and I thought they were bed bugs. The hotel manager came to look at them right away, and by the time we walked back up to the room the bugs were crawling all over the sheets, bed skirt, and even the walls. I think they were coming out because I ha

d turned the heat on and the room was warming up. Some of these bugs were HUGE. The manager claimed that they had never dealt with bed bugs before; however, with the size and amount of bugs in that room, they had to have been there for a while.

I did not stay at this hotel. I bagged all of my belongings up in trash bags and left my luggage in the room for the hotel to throw away. This hotel refused to pay for my belongings and clothes to be treated/cleaned even though they could see huge bed bugs crawling everywhere. I ended up staying at the hotel next door, and that hotel paid over $400 to have all of my clothes treated immediately to ensure I did not bring bed bugs into my car, their hotel, or my home.

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