Super 8 Tallahasee Fl
2801 N Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL 32303-3634

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July 4th. WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE. I stayed at this hotel for only 8 hrs. I checked in at 11 pm, and then woke up around 7 a.m completely horrified. The bed, sheet, pillows and me, covered in bed bugs. When I turned the light on many crawled behind the headboard but there were so many and some stayed on pillows and sheets. I had brought my own pillows and so I ended up just having to throw them away which really upset me actually because I had just recently bought my Euro pillow for my back.

I was reimbursed my nights stay but am still worried that I brought the bugs into my home, I had a nice suitcase that I have in an airtight bag that I truly hope hasn't brought the infestation into my own home.
As to the owner for saying just to contact him? Worried about your reputation? It is obvious by the rest of the rooms lack of cleanliness and condition of the hotel in general, that you truly do NOT care about the reputation of your establishment, or peoples health and well-being in general.
I suggest if you are concerned about that then you give your hotel a TRUE thoroughly cleaning your rooms, educating your maids and staff, and washing sheets and towels (mine were filthy).
I will never stay at your hotel again.

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Hi, This is General Manager, Dee Patel of Super 8 Motel - Tallahassee, FL.

Guest who commented regarding bed bugs is in question. We never received any reports at hotel, that this guest was inconvenienced otherwise we would have taken corrective actions to remedy the situation immediately.

Our hotel is free of bed bugs and stringent procedures to detect and remedy are in place. I would suggest our guest contact us if there is ever an issue.

Bedbug bites everywhere. Stay at Motel during parents weekend at FSU. Disgusting.

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