Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Seffner, FL
11551 Discovery Ln
Seffner, FL

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We checked into hotel rooms 322 and 324 around 1:30 am 3/23/11 too tired from a flight delay to drive to our destination. We did not notice any bugs in beds when we went to sleep. I slept in room 324 with 2 double beds with my husband and 2 children and my 2 other children slept in room 322. When I woke up, I did not notice anything in my bed, but when I woke up my children in the other bed, I noticed many small blood spots/smears on the sheet. When I looked closer I noticed little black/brown p

ieces as well. I moved the pillow and there were 2 bugs crawling. I killed one and called the front desk. The manager came to the room and by the time he arrived, there were around 10 or more bugs crawling around the upper portion of the bed and on the pillows. He took a few of the live bugs with him in a cup. Some of the bugs looked different than the others. Some were small and some were larger and some were differently shaped. The one I killed looked exactly like the picture I saw of a bedbug. Some of the others looked more oblong than roundish. I was too grossed out to look much closer and anxious to get out of the room. My bed did have a few blood spots, but I didn't see any live bugs crawling by the time I looked. My husband checked the beds in room 322 and didn't see any blood spots or bugs, but the 2 rooms do share the same wall for the headboards. This is our first encounter with bedbugs and we have travelled entensively. I am writing this post because I want others to be aware since this hotel does not have any reports yet to forewarn anyone. I was travelling to my parents house in Florida and had to keep my luggage in the car for the trip to be sure I didn't infest their house. Hopefully I killed any bugs that were on the clothing by washing all of my clean clothes in hot water when I arrived. My luggage is still not in my home since I don't know if the heat of the car killed the bugs while I was in Florida. I am still grossed out!

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