LA Quinta Inn
1803 N Tamiami Trl
Sarasota, FL 34234-8338

Found 2 reports:

5/12/21 -I checked in and found a small bed bug walking under the covers when pulling the covers back.... I grabbed it with a tissue and killed it sure enough it was a bed bug however (when i showed it to the front desk she said she thought it was a cockroach) - i pulled the bedding off and there were black specs at the bottom of the bed which is the pattern for bed bugs. They offered me another room which I went to look at and I looked at the bed first thing and the top sheet was bunched up a

t the bottom of the bed so it hadn't been changed from the last guest and then I pulled everything completely off and I noticed black specs concentrated at the foot of the bed just like the first room! I left.

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11/9/13: came home with six bed bug bites all concentrated on the hip region on my right side (the side I sleep on).

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