Sleep Inn
806 Kings Hwy
Port Charlotte, FL 33980-4218

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2015 Also former employee. Yes they have had this problem for years and still exists. Still on first floor and spreading to second and third. If a guest complains of being bitten, front desk moves them to another room on another floor and they carry the bed bugs with them to another room. Manager and employees not educated on bed bugs. Linens go down laundry chute which causes them to spread thru out the building. They have been spotted on the wall in the laundry room. They don't report this to

the health department and try to cover it up. The pest control company they use is also questionable. Instead of removing and trashing all the rooms furnishings they treat the room with the furnishings in the room and then throw out the bed only. Pest control has been back to treat one room three times because they were in the box spring. Hotel under new ownership and management. Bad situation!

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I am currently staying AT the sleep inn hotel in Port Charlotte unfortunately i did not check before the reservation.AT the front desk three are no signs about any report of bed bugs. I am rally concern

I used to work at this hotel, and they definitely had a bedbug issue that they were trying to keep secret. Several rooms on the first floor were infested for months.

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