Embassy Suites Hotel Palm Beach Gardens PGA Blvd
4350 Pga Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-6524

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I stayed in this hotel on 12/4/11. Being a frequent traveler, I did the usual check the mattress seams. I did not see any evidence of bedbugs. The next afternoon, I started itching and found about 17 bites on my feet, hands, arms and lower legs. These were the itchiest bites I have ever experienced. Several bites became blisters and the area around the bites became swollen and red. I had to go to the doctor and have one of them lanced. He put me on antibiotics. After researching what these bites

might be, I threw away the bag and some shoes that I traveled with,washed every piece of clothing in hot water (about 5 times) and bought protective boxspring and mattress bags. All in all, emotionally and financially, this was an expensive one night in a hotel.

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I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Palm Beach Gardens, FL (at the intersection of PGA Blvd and Military Trail) for about 2 weeks (12/4/2011 to 12/16/2011). A couple of nights before my check out, I noticed an insect about 5mm in length that looked a lot like a tick. Having many golf courses around the area, I disregarded this and continued my stay at this hotel after disposing of the bug. Throughout my stay, I noticed some small stains on the bed sheets and pillow cases, usually smeared in the

color of black, brown, or sometimes a brownish red. These appeared to be "mascara" like stains and again, I disregarded this. On the day before I checked out, I noticed several bumps that itched, popping up all over my "exposed" areas of my body (such as arms, hands, legs, feet, neck, etc.) I had my suspicions at this point, but then I noticed more of the "tick" like insects in the room and decided to look this up online. I found that there were obvious signs of bed bugs in the room. I reported this to the hotel staff, which said that they would employ "Ecolabs" to corroborate my story. I do not feel like this issue was handeled properly. I have photographic evidence of these signs of bed bug infestations, including the bite marks on my body. I have been seen by a doctor who confirmed these bites and have been placed on steroids to help the healing process.

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