Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort
9560 Via Encinas
Orlando, FL 32830

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2015 ,Bonnet Creek Resort , tower 6, 6722 room, severe bed bugs bites. stayed 5 nites and husband had some bites near ears but thought its probably from disney watching the parade at nite. his marks increased and then after reaching home a week I started showing 100s of bed bug bites. We did not inspect prior to entering the room so failed to see if there were visible signs. Hotel did confirm but this has made me super parannoid.


Tower 4 master suite bed crawling with bed bugs. Had two late nights, so we all crashed and didn't realize until 2 nights had past.

Called manager up to room. They were vigulent confirming the issue.

We checked out, waiting for refund and dealing with their insurance company now.

Bites showed up 1week later and are awful. Thankfully doesn't seem to have affected kids rooms so kids seem ok, but by the amount of bites we have, master must have been infested.


inspected and no sign upon check in.....scary!

We have plenty of pictures. But it can happen anywhere so look hard! Worst traveling fear come true!

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I stayed at Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek 3/1-3/4/2013. We were on the executive floor (12) in the newest tower. I woke up in the morning and found a dead bed bug in my bed, and upon further investigation, I found two live ones on the bed skirt and the pillow. We brought it to the managements attention, and I have to say the way they handled the situation was textbook. They changed our room, sent our luggage and all of our clothes to a laundry service, had the ecolab come take care of t

he infested room and check to make sure our new room was free of b.b's. They also did not charge us for our stay. It's truly a beautiful resort and I would return, but would definitely check the room before settling in.
Side note: 1 week after I returned home, I woke up with itchy welts all over my body. I read it can take up to 14 days for the bites to appear!

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BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Checked in September 30 2012 and checked out October 7th 2012. Tower 1 room 328. When we first arrived we noticed room 326 was under some sort of renovation. They also had dryers in the hallways drying the wet carpet. Little did we know that the room next door to us was being fumigated for bedbugs. We didn't realize til the last day of our stay that we were being eaten alive by these bed bugs. It wasn't until we got home that the ridiculous itching began all over my a

rms torso and feet. This really SUX! Now we are worried that we might have brought those little bastards home with us so we are taking precautions around our bedroom. I purchased a few bed bug traps and sprays. I hope they work. Don't stay at this place. This place has a ridiculous history of bedbug outbreaks. Just look at trip advisor.. They date back to 2009. We are Wyndham owners and sad to say that.

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Bed Bugs on the 14th floor of Bldg 5 9/6 - 9/11

My Daughter,Son-in-law & 2 Grandsons stayed at this resort for 16 nights last month...They stayed in room 6906 6th Tower...Thought it was all good until my son-in-law came out in bites all over his body (over 100) from Bed Bug's in his bed....They complained to the front desk & were ushered to the side where no one else could hear the conversation...After a lot of fuss they were put into another room while their room was heat treated...They were told to leave all their belongings in the room so

that they would also be treated..Upon returning to the room the next afternoon,they found that my Grand-sons 2012 World Series baseball card collection had been damaged,also his Chicago Bull's baseball cap was damaged & 2 tee shirts were missing...This was reported again to the front desk,& after a lot of frustrating talk they were given a $500 Amex card as compensation.They were told that maybe the hotel could claim the damage through their insurance,but as to date have heard nothing from the hotel.They were leaving to go straight on a cruise & my son-in-law did not look good with weeping open sores all over him....Security found an infestation of Bed Bug's in the corner of the mattress....

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We just checked out (9/9/12) from Bonnet Creek, Tower 5 Room 1594. My daughter woke up this morning and had bites all over her forehead, arms, legs, neck and face. After doing some research and looking at bite pictures, I realized these were bed bug bites. Also saw another post from someone that stayed just a floor below us reporting the same thing. I called Bonnet Creek and reported it. They called me to confirm that in fact they found bed bugs in the bedroom where my children were sleeping. No

w unto treatment... washing everything and trying to get rid of them.

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Was bitten numerous times before realizing it was bed bugs. Found live large and small bed bugs. Room 1496 in Tower 5. Now itching like crazy on arms and torso.

We found fecal stains on the head of the mattress in the main bedroom then actually found a bug...it was room 417 in tower 1. We found this on January 5th upon check in. We were moved to tower 2 in room 741 and found no evidence of bugs in this room.

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