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We stayed one night at Disney's Art of Animation Cars Family Suite. The next morning I woke up with a HUGE swollen bite on the side of my rib cage. It was so painful. There was another smaller inflamed bite above it. It hurts so bad! We stayed May 19, 2021. I wasnt stung by anything. We only stayed the night and visited the pool earlier that day. I woke up with this horrible swelling. I never in my life thought it would be a bed bug at Disney!!! Here we are nearly a week later and I am still in

pain! I had it confirmed- its a bed bug bite. We have not stayed anywhere since Covid. This happened here. I'm so upset and freaking out about my clothes here at home! I'm praying they didnt come home with us. We were there to celebrate my little girl's bday...and I was worried about Covid. I cant believe I was bitten by bed bugs!!!

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Before getting to sleep one bed bug full of blood cane out of below the sheets. A second one came out seconds later. Waiting for the hotel personnel to deal with it. All star resort room 9315

We stayed at All Star Music Resort room 2556 and my son received multiple bed bug bites to his left foot. We stayed May 30 - June 2nd. The bites were not noticed until the ride home on June 2nd when they were itching.

I have stayed at the following properties and I have not experienced a bed bug issue.

December 12-14, 2014 - Old Key West Resort, Room 4514
March 15-16, 2015 - Port Orleans - French Quarter - Garden View, Room 5238

March 28-29, 2015 - All-Star Sports Resort - Preferred Room

May 15-17, 2015 - Port Orleans - Riverside - Royal Guest Room/Pool View, Room 9599

May 29-31, 2015 - All-Star Music Resort, Room 4404

I have an upcoming stay in December at the Port Orleans French Quarter in D

ecember (it is my favorite Disney property) and I am looking forward to it.

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Walt Disney Caribbean Beach Trinidad North
Stayed 10/11/15-10/18/15

My daughter broke out with hives/bites after the first night. By our last night my son also had welts. I called the front desk and a manager and pest control checked our room. BEDBUGS!!! We had to turn over all our clothes, luggage, etc for treatment. We were moved to a different room. Told to get new clothes at the gift shop (of which I'm still waiting for reimbursement). Our items were returned the next day damp and smelli

ng like industrial steam in sacks. They didn't launder them. They didn't fold it. They just gave us sacks.

I am just disgusted that this issue is so rampant on Disney property. For the money that I spent, to be miserable with hives, is not the way I wanted to spend my vacation.

I developed hives/bites on the last day and many more developed when I got home.

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We stood at the art of animation in the cars family suite for our first visit to Disney world and woke up to my son screaming the second night and noticed 3 live massive bed bugs near our pillows . We contacted the front desk were they acted quickly and sent pest control and the hotel manager . They confirmed they were bed bugs and relocate did at 4am and they took us shopping in there store the lobby to replace our night gowns and shoes for all 5 of us. They refunded our rooms and were very sin

cere to us. The manager made sure my children had diapers and sent a worker out to get them. They also gave us money to get clothes for the day . They were very empathetic and appaulagizing over what occurred to us. Couldn't be anymore grateful for how concerned they were about us and our children .

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3/15/2015 My husband and I stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort for Spring Break. Came home with more than Disney memories. We are covered in bed bug bites. My husband found two in the bed and killed them. We didn't know what they were until they came home with us. We now have an infestation at home. I just got an estimate for $1100.

I just arrived from Orlando , stayed in Caribbean Beach , Jamaica , room 3001 . Me , my mother, my brother and my daughter . We are red and scratching.

March 2005 at the Port Orleans Riverside. Our room and Brother-in-law's room were infested - we were all covered in bites. Father-in-law's room was around the corner and had no problems.

The entire building next to ours was covered with a fumigation tent so as a guess they were aware of the situation...

Admittedly the bedbugs were probably brought in by foreign tourists - bedbugs were rare in the US at that time, but Disney should have been more proactive when putting families into units

close to other infested units.

When we complained, they acted as if we were crazy and we had to submit medical reports regarding the bites and also sign forms stating we had not been under psychiatric care...

They seem to be more proactive now that many other hotels have admitted to bedbug problems.

Stayed at the Coronado in 2008 with no problems.

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We stayed at the sports all star april 2014 and had bed bugs in the cheerleading building second level.

Stayed at All Star Movies in Toy Story section 3-19 to 22-04. No bugs just a great trip!

We stayed in room 6630 in All star music for 4 days, by day 2 we started to get itchy welts. I have one on my face. I called the general number and they requested I submit the pictures I had taken to an email address. But they didnt ask for the room number or any information. Its like they didnt care that the next people who could be in that room would have to deal with it. So I called back to try to contact anyone staying in that room. I got ahold of someone else who checked to see if anyone wa

s staying in the room. My wife and I have bites all over our legs and arms and a few other spots. My wife and I have been up since 3 am last night trying to get everything clean. My kid couldnt get to sleep last night because he was itchy. Now Im trying to figure out what I need to do to make sure they dont infect my house. I threw everything from the trip out on the deck.

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I Stay at Pop Century resort, and we found a lot of bed bug ...in 1980 area 2nd floor.Terrible¡¡¡

I live in florida and go to disneyworld at least once a year. I've tried most of the hotels, but because of price, I usually try to stay in the Pop Century, All Star Music, Sports, etc. I have never, and I mean never, seen a bedbug in any of Disney hotels, no matter what the price. I will say that the cleaning women aren't as good as they used to be, at least my last experience, but if you have any problem, just go down to the desk and they will bend over backwards to help you. I've gotten s

ick there and needed to leave early, they credited my card. I did not ask them to because I thought it was my fault. Believe me, I am a cleanliness fanatic and check the room thoroughly looking for bugs and dirt left behind. No bugs.

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My husband, grandson and I stayed at CBR pirate room Jan. 25-30 2014. We own a pest control business in Pensacola Fl, so I always check the beds and around the beds..NO BED BUGS AT THAT TIME. please check your room before staying. It will save you a huge headache.

DWorld - Port Orleans - Riverside - Bed Bugs - January 2014.

Port Orleans - Riverside - Bed Bugs - January 2014.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort Finding Nemo Suite. We found a bed bug and contacted their front desk and housekeeping immediately. They sent their pest control over and found hundreds of bed bugs underneath the sofa bed cover.

We just came back from a Disney Cruise in the Mediterranean. The trip itself was awesome (food, entertainment, service, excursions, etc.) but we hade the nasty visit of bed bugs. I got more than 100 bites; my wife nearly a hundred. They did on the same day change us to a better room and offered medical treatment. However, their only compensation was 150 US$ per person. After we moved to the new room no one ever asked us how we were doing.

The room next to ours had also bed bugs. The people th

ere were also moved.

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Stayed at Art of Animation, in the Nemo suites. January 28 to February 2nd 2103. No bed bugs, clean rooms!

today.. Grand floridian....i let the bed bugs eat...they need food too wont kill you ...it will be ok

Jan 22 - 26, 2013
Contemporary suites, Walt Disney world

Between my family and my sister in law's we took three rooms here. Ours was a suite at the end of the hall, and herd was a one bedroom. Her husband was complaining of bites after the first night but he can be a bit paranoid so frankly my husband and I dismissed it. On our last day in the park I bought a Bolt plush in the emporium on Main St because it looked exactly like my dog Gene. Sure enough when I woke up in the morning I had bit

es all up and down my arms. We checked the mattress and there were no signs of bugs. I checked the doll and sure enough by the base of the tail were signs of bugs. Gross. I called the front desk immediately and they offered to refund it or replace it. I threw it out, took a $25 credit and left that morning. I am really hoping they didn't come home with us, washed everything immediately and left the suitcases outside in the snow. I think it really was just in the doll in our room but can't say for certain where they were in my in-law's room. Yuck.

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I am a Disney fanatic. My family goes every year in the fall & we've stayed every time at POP Century since the year it opened. NEVER any bugs of any kind found in our rooms, nor have I heard anyone else complain about them. NOT SAYING IT DOESN'T HAPPEN....but these bugs you speak of were brought there by other tourists. Blaming Disney for any infestation just isn't right. We have asked customer service for help plenty of times & we have always been treated respectfully there....in fact someone

arrived at our room within 5 minutes of me calling at 3 in the morning when our daughter vomited all over the room. Sorry for all the negative stories for those of you who've had them, glad one of them isn't mine!

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Found a live bedbug on June 28, 2012 while making the bed at DVC Resort: Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary. They dry cleaned all our stuff and moved us to a new room. Check VERY carefully!! It took the resort several hours to come up, confirm what we found and move us....needless to say we lost quite a bit of time in the park. They were gracious about it and compensated us appropriately. We are going back to Disney and will be requesting a THOROUGH walk through before we go into ANY room.

We stayed a Coronado Springs Resort January/2010 Cabanas; Casitas May/2011; Ranchos April/2012. No bedbus found.

Have stay many time at disney no problem but going to carribean beach in dec 2012 a little nervous now after reading these reports. I already have very sensitive skin

I stayed in Pop Century with my daughter spring break 2010. We were put in a room that was newly remodeled. My daughter had bites all over legs, torso and arms after the first night we stayed at the resort. We took our daughter to several doctors and they all agree they are insect bites from bed bugs. The WDW claims department says Pop Century does not have bed bugs. I told them to read all the reviews online. The manager told me today that he does not have the time. He also sounded as though he

didn't care about what my daughter and I had to go through. She missed a lot of school and has scaring all over legs. A few months ago I received a letter from a total stranger. The letter states the WDW claims dept. sent all my personal information to them. Identity theft happens all the time, but the claims manager didn't seem to care. I would like to file charges against WDW with anyone else that was affected by bedbug bites.

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A little late but we stayed at POP September 2011 in the 80s buildings...no signs of bed bugs. And I was so paranoid i brought a flashlight and tape left my family and luggage outside so I could check. Clean as could be.

stayed at pop century. December 2011. infested with bed bugs...we stayed four nights before we realized what they were....they were on the wall and curtains. Only way management came to our room is when we caught on and brought it in. They were everywhere and quite large. We lost all of our clothing and had to change hotels. Never go to pop century.

Stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort from 3/24-3/31/2012 in the Jamaica province. I am a professional photographer so at night I would go out and process the photos I took. I did notice some mosquitoes and figured the bites on my leg were from them... But I just got another one on my foot today.. and i'm home!! From what I read- There are other reports from this hotel, and it's also useless to call once your home. I will be tearing my house apart and checking each of the family members onc

e they get home today. The entire house, beds, and luggage will be gone through with a fine tooth comb and treated. Also laying down powder, sprays, etc to pray that I get them before they get a stronghold in my home. I really hope I don't find one.. I'll update again. :-( This was my dream to come here...

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we just got back from Disney world staying at Jambo House in the Animal Kingdom. We stayed in room 2507 with the Arusha Savannah View and we had no problems with bedbugs of any kind. The room with very clean and the housekeeping staff were fantastic. Especially after my youngest son spent one night vomiting. I told them he might have missed the garbage can completely and hit the carpet. They shampooed the carpet that day while we were gone.

I love the Disney Resort experience. I frequent WDW Resorts often and have stayed in every resort location from the value resorts to the deluxe. Every stay has been pleasant compared to other resorts that I quite frequently find bedbugs that are NOT affiliated with Disney. I can't tell you how many times I've found bedbugs at other non-Disney resorts. It is a bad problem in Florida. However, I find that Disney Resorts are among the MOST CLEAN I've stayed in and well maintained. Once at Caribbean

Beach Resort, I was not happy with the way the room looked. It just looked like the sheets were not washed and I asked for another room. They were happy to accommodate. I even ended up with a better room with a better room with no extra charge. It was very clean. I think the housekeeping had possibly done a lazy job, and I believe that was relative to the employee - a human error. At the dirty room, I even checked for bedbugs and didn't find any thought it did appear dirty. Only twice I had bedbugs at a Disney Resort. 1st encounter was around Spring Break of 1993/1994 at Polynesian. I looked under the mattress & found 1. I got a new room no bed bugs. 2nd time was 2 years ago around May 2010 at All Star Music Resort, I found 2 bedbugs under the mattress with some dirt. I got a new room and it was fine. Now compare this to I'd say at least 100 stays there and the VAST amount of other times I found out Gaylord Palms and Marriott Suites ... etc. = not a problem. Heck, I find bedbugs when visiting friends who seem to be clean freaks. It is a problem anywhere! And bedbugs at Disney seems to be more than likely have come from a previous guest, rather than being a bad infestation problem. I will ONLY stay at a Disney Resort because of the bedbug problems at OTHER resorts and the non-Disney resorts lack of care concerning the problem.

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03/2011 - My two friends and I went to Disney World in March 2011 and stayed at the All Star Music Resort. I was being pretty paranoid about bed bugs because I have read many reviews about there being a problem at the WDW resorts. I found just a couple of little pieces of dirt, nothing even close to a bed bug, but panicked and called the front desk. I told them that I thought it was something weird but it probably wasn't a bed bug. They not only had a manager come but also an exterminator ri

ght away to check the room. He lifted the beds and checked every possible nook and cranny. We had a great stay without bed bugs and I feel sorry for those of you who have had terrible experience. But I will say that Disney is obviously being very pro-active about the bed bug problem and they take every complaint very seriously. Most hotels would have come and seen what I claimed was suspicious and told me to stop being so paranoid. But Disney took me seriously and if there was an actual problem they obviously would have taken care of it. Going to Disney again this spring break and hoping for the same results. All hotels in the entire country are dealing with bed bugs.

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Stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, room on second floor of building one facing the parking lot, for New Years and woke up with two sets of multiple bites on my my arm and abdomen that I did not have when I went to bed that night. My wife had one set of multiple bites as well.

Called the front desk and asked to have a manager come to room and got no response (it turns out that when you call the front desk from the directory on your room phone it actually sends you to "general clearing h

ouse for multiple resorts). Went to front desk, voiced my displeasure, was quickly ushered to the side by a manager, the room was inspected (the pest-person took a long hard look at the dust ruffles on one of the beds) and we were switched to a room in a different area.

Please note that we did a thorough inspection of the room and saw nothing, and thus I was quite surprised to have been bitten...when I asked the exterminator/inspector if she found anything, the only thing she would say is that the room was not infested,(not that there might not be any bugs at all, just not infested). After I moved to the other room I came back by and saw housekeeping come in and strip the room of all bed linens including the dust ruffles.

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we stayed at the Carribean Beach resort, Jamaica room 4332 11/27 to 12/2. I never checked the beds or surroundings for signs of bedbugs, like I always do. I was so excited to be at Disney, I didn't think to! I could kick myself now! My son and I shared a bed. several mornings I noticed a small blood smear on the sheets. I thought it odd, but didn't know what it could mean! We didn't notice any bites! it was days later when we returned home that we both developed a rash. My son went to th

e doctor who suggested it was insect bites. Days later I got the rash and my doctor confirmed it was insect, likely bedbug bites based on the history. We were both miserable for days and Iam sick to think we could have brought them home! I called the resort and asked for a manager. They were polite and listened to my story. They put me in touch with their guest claims department. All I want is to be told whether there were bugs in the room. Today they told me they are investigating and they should get back to me in a week. i've put my sons stuffed animals in the freezer as they shared the bed. I'm checking our beds daily and taking all of the precautions but the fact is, we will be very lucky if we did not infest our home as it was several days after we returned that we first noticed symptoms. And this was our dream, family vacation!

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I was staying at Disney's Pop Century Resort on a family vacation from 12/02/2011 - 12/08/2011. The first thing we noticed was that the sheets had stands of hair on them, so we had to call housekeeping to have them change the bed sheets. the on days 2-5 we noticed bed bugs. Not in one bed, but in both beds in the room. Filed a complaint with the front desk manager and never received correspondance back. Now I am dealing with Guest Claims Services to see what can be done. So, please everyone, che

ck your beds, sheets, pillpws, etc. Disney has a big problem and it needs to be fixed asap!!!!

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Just returned from a stay at Port Orlens French Quarter 11/25-11/29 building 4 room on 2nd floor, no bed bugs found.

Just a follow up on my previous report, no bed bugs appear to have come home with us, and Disney has been very helpful since we have returned from our stay at the All Star Music resort. Over all I am pleased with their customer service. From now on I have learned to look for bed bug signs, keep my suitcase on the suitcase rack provided by the hotel, and treat every room as though it has bugs. I guess as travelers it falls on us to be aware that bed bugs are a world wide problem. The room was

clean and well cared for, pest are a worldwide travelers concern,, no matter how clean the hotel is.

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Not sure if bed bugs. I have been horribly bitten by something every night since arriving. At first I thought it was a few fleas from one of the neighbors. Sadly, every morning more and more bites appear. Finally my husband called and asked the operator to do something about the bugs. Not sure how they plan to deal with the problem. Hopefully their action will put an end to the affair. No bites on the arms. The bites are only on my feet and ankles. We staying at Pop Century. Love t

he resort. The Mousekeepers and other staff are very nice but the bug issue is a proving painful.

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I have stayed in the All-star Music resort (I forget the full name) last year and thought it was shameful enough to say it was a suite and make us pay so much for it. The room was pitiful.. But thankfully there weren't any bed bugs. Now after hearing these stories, I'm glad I had a bad enough experience already to not go there again. Though now I live in Florida, renting a home, and every time I see a possible flea larva from the dog, I have a small panic attack. We stayed in one hotel after ano

ther and I'm shocked that we didn't get any bugs. Now I'm thinking of just putting out some home treatments to just prevent them. Neither my parents or I have a true job yet, so I am not looking forward to the the cost from the first time they show up, if ever.

Here is a link to some home remedies I found, if anyone needs them. Hope it helps. http://www.whatdobedbugslooklike.net/home-remedies-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugs.html

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Disney's Caribbean resort. Building 55 of Aruba. Nov 4th 2011. Didn't know I was bitten by bed bugs at the time. Now my home is infested. They came home with me because I left my luggage on the extra bed. This is a horrible experience that is going to cost me a lot of money to get rid of these things. They are attacking me and my 4 year old at night. I am very disappointed in the house keeping for not noticing these little bugs. I can't afford this. I want to cry.

We just got back from Disney world in Orlando, nove 3-12 we had a great time! Except for our 2 different bed bug encounters while at the all star music resort. :0(. In our first room after 5 days, we noticed bug bites and blood on our sheets. We are not from a place where people normally get bed bugs, so we had no idea what the problem was, called house keeping and they tested for bed bugs, and of course it was positive. They put us In Another room and cleaned all of our belongings. 4 days l

ater, as we were getting ready to leave I noticed bites on my arms, and went into my room, whipped the sheets back and saw a bug running across the sheets. I caught it in a container and called housekeeping again to come and test the room. They did the traditional test, and it was negative. We had taken pics of the bug with the macro on our camera and showed it to the pest control man with her, he said it was a bed bug. She sent him away, and then said to us, you have had a a negative room check, The room was checked and found negative before you moved in, what will it take to convince you there are no bugs I. This room? Ummm, how about no bug bites on my arms and legs, and no bed bug in a jar that I found? She sent the bug off to be looked at, and it was obvious from the way she evaded questions about what was found that they knew it was a bed bug. She kept repeating there was no " infestation". I'm sure there wasn't, the bed bugs had moved In and were just beginning to infest the room, not leaving enough fecal matter behind yet for their machines to pick up, that does not mean that there were no bed bugs in the room. She then Assured us that we were safe to take our luggage home, and that we would not be returning home with bed bugs in our luggage. What offends me the most about our story is not the grossness of sleeping with blood sucking bugs for 9 nights, not finding them again the hour before we had to leave for the airport, and leaving us with some really horrible memories of our one and only trip to Disney that we had saved for years to afford, and not even that my kids are now afraid of going to bed because they are afraid of being bitten, (not to mention that I woke up this morning with about 30 new bites - hopefully from yesterday at the hotel and not from my home.) What offends me the most about the situation, is her standing there, the bed bug that I had found in my bed in a jar in her hand, while she told me there were no bed bugs, we were safe to take our luggage home, as if we were stupid. I now understand that in warmer climates bed bugs are an issue, but I am so disappointed in Disney, and just angry at the house keeping manager for treating us as though we were ignorant. What if we had believed her, and taken our luggage into our home? Instead, at 2 am, our whole family got home from our trip, stripped naked in our garage, left all of our belongings outside to freeze for the next 2 weeks, and took showers. If we get bed bugs in our home over this....... :0(

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Stayed in Disney's All Star Movies - Mighty Ducks section from Oct 24 - Nov 4. Very clean rooms and no Bed Bugs at all! Was very nervous heading back after reading all the stories on here and was relieved after inspecting our rooms and found nothing!

We stayed at the Carribbean Beach Resort(Trinadad South-Building #34)from 10/30/11 to 11/5/11. We didn't have any bed bug issues but we did need to have the room cleaned when we got there. Was not happy with the amount of dust and dirt. Even after they "cleaned it" they still missed things I pointed out.
Still had a great time but not sure we would stay there again.

Stayed at the Pop Centry Hotel from 9-3-11- 9-10-11...... All clear from any bed bugs! Thank God!

Disney resorts stays:
All Star Sports- Aug 2010 no bugs
Port Orleans Riverside- May 2010
All Star Movies- Feb 2010
All Star Music - Aug 2009

All stays greater than 5 days up till 10. No bed bugs. 15+ stays in last 10 years at Disney resorts totaling 100+ nights, no bed bugs at any of the resorts either.

Carribbean Beach Resort, Aruba building 56 9/23-10/3/2011. No bed bugs


Found bugs in room 1633 of The All-Star Music Resort. We called the manager and took pictures as evidence. Management moved us to a new room with no apology. Luckily my wife is aware of the problem and checked the beds before we unpacked. No evidence of bugs in the second room, but we have four days to go. Fingers crossed.

To everyone out there , I called customer relations at the Corp level. I informed them that I was planning a trip to Disney World and I wanted to know what treatments they were using to treat Bedbugs! I was told they don't have befbugs in their hotels. I was then hung up on!!!! I called back
Informed the female I was talking to that I did not appreciate being hung up on, I find it hard to believe that Disney would approve of your conduct. I have questions that need to be answered, and I will c

ontinue to call until they are. She want happy .
I informed her about the current blogging in regards to bedbugs in their hotels. So obviously Disney does have bedbugs!!! I asked her what products & treatments they were using to kill the bugs . I was concerned about my family being exposed to harsh toxic chemicals. I wasn't given the names or treatment used. She informed me that they are using the latest treatment's. I was hung up on!
I called several of the hotels themselves. I foundout that they use heat treatment by EchoLab. Ecolab does use some chemical treatment also.
Why am I posting this !!!
I wad bitten by bedbugs while staying in a hotel . The bites were painfull , horrible. I ended up bringing them home with
me. I had just refurbished my entire house with new carpet & furniture. I was being told that I would have to through it all away !! I thought this is crazy , there has to be a solution . So I started doing some researching online. I came across a blog on bedbugs. I found a company called IN-N-OUT BUGS blogging . They answered all of my question, plus more. I informed them of my situation. My house & all of my furniture , luggage ,etc was treated with their preventative product and I didn't have to throw away anything! There products green( so its safe for humans, animals& environment) . It doesn't smell , leave any residue, doesn't damage furniture. They have a 1 year guarantee , pest free.
I have not seen or been bitten since treatment.

I asked if they were treating hotels . They informed me that
they are currently in discussion with hotels. I mentioned why , the way I was treated by Disney. It turns out that that seems to be Disney's protocol!! I purchased some product from them. When I go to Disney World I'm going to treat the room myself. It sound a bit redicilous, but I don't care!!!
As for Disney you should have your hotels treated with their product , because it works & it's safe . Think about your clients , if not for us you would be where you are today.

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September 15, 2011: Coronado Springs Rm 3261...
After 4 nights in the room they informed us for an authorization to take our luggage & cloths for washing, smiley and everything. We didn't understand at that moment what was happening and why that had to be done... the concierge acts like "oh, I thought you knew... the room is locked done for bugs"... So apparently the room was majorly infested as we were told by the housekeeping manager. Oh, all this around midnight of the 16th... We didn't get

any rest that night and had scheduled a tour for the following morning... we cancelled explaining what had happened and they said we'd get a refund... Well... they didnt... so now, after waiting 45 min and getting hung up on by front desk, I'm personally at front desk requesting the refund... Update: Got the refund (1:45 am of checkout day=5am)... was planning on '12 but after 5 consecutive yrs @ WDW, it just gets worst... considering staying in other hotels... no more Disney resorts for me...

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Port Orleans Riverside Alligator Bayou Building 24 -- ALL CLEAR 9/2 through 9/9/11. No beddie buggies.

For those of you complaining that Disney didn't do anything to help you when you got home and reported a problem, it's because you're home already. You need to speak up right away while there on vacation and let them know there's a problem; when you're home, it's too late because how does Disney know that the issue started at one of their Resorts. Bedbugs are hitching rides in luggage holds on trains and planes these days and can easily move from an infested suitcase to yours. As the saying goes

"If you see something, say something."

Rules of thumb for vacations and Bedbug prevention:
1. Check this website or others hotel review sites to see if the hotel you're to be staying at has had any problems.

2. Stores sell zipper plastic bags for luggage. Consider buying it and keeping your suitcase in it at all times.

3. Bed Bath and Beyond sells Bedbug spray that can be used to spray the bed and carpet. Maybe consider taking it with you.

4. ALWAYS DO A THOROUGH INSPECTION OF YOUR ROOM RIGHT AWAY. Check headboards, take off the bed sheets to check the mattress, check furniture i.e. sofas & chairs; Basically the whole room.

5. Never leave luggage on beds, sofas, or the floor. Use the luggage stand, the closet (if clean) or the bathroom.

With some prior proper planning, you can rest easy while on vacation.

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I felt that creepy crawly feeling, then extreme itching while sitting through Captain EO at Epcot in Orlando, Florida. I checked myself after show ended and had bite marks on my abdomen and neck. I shook out all my clothing in nearest bathroom and washed all my clothes when I arrived back in hotel. Evidently, I didn't get them all because one was leaving my hair scrunchie on bathroom counter when I arrived back at my home 2 days later. Wouldn't you know the only bag I brought into the house befo

re re-washing everything was the toiletry bag which was on a granite counter top the entire week at hotel - they hitched a ride in the scrunchie. We drove - didn't take plane or trains. Now I'm dealing with constant fear that there are more - I have had several single bites since then...

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Disney has the same problems that apparently everyone is dealing with folks. Really, as a person subject to bed bug bites while staying at Kidani Village in a 1 bedroom, Disney did do all that any hotel could do for us. They moved us, they took our luggage and cleaned it, yes they told us to grab some clothes in the gift shop so we didn't have to stay in the new room all day. That sort of thing... they paid for my medications. Many of my friends have said that they would seek legal action et

c., but really, bed bugs are making a big come back and with heat being the only effective measure of controlling them, ALL HOTELS are at risk when travellers fly and go from hotel to hotel. We didn't ask for a free trip or ruined clothing/vacation compensation. They were trying to protect us from bringing them home. And yes, they saw they confirmed bed bugs in our room and moved us. I think that is the key, they need to know about it while you are there, as you could easily have your suitcase packed next to someone else with bedbugs in their lugges and boom... you have a new pet! Did I mention we learned they can be dormant then for a year??? Disney actually EDUCATED US ON BEDBUGS LOL. I didn't really think about them before as anything other than a night time saying... "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite."

Yes, we found the bed bugs in the bed after I was having trouble with huges welts on my arms, legs, face. I had an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital, 3 prescriptions etc etc., but the choice to travel is ours. Hotels are trying to control this new problem with bed bugs. But it is a REAL PROBLEM! My choice is to vacation or is to stay home and not vacation and pray that I don't pick up one of the little pests at a local movie theatre (which is apparently another breeding ground for them). They are only going to get much worse!! Everywhere here, even in a small town in Ontario, we see signs for pest control for bed bugs. I no longer put my purse on a carpeted floor etc., especially in dark places... I'm paranoid about it now myself!

I choose to vacation, and have booked another two week vacation for May 2012, and yes, it is with Disney again. We're going to our favorite Beach Club Villas this time. No, I didn't seek legal action, I didn't ask for a free trip, my clothes were shrunk, my first 5 days of my trip less than ideal, but THEY TRIED THEIR BEST TO COMPENSATE FOR THE SITUATION. We'll go again and this year I will be educated enough to check the room before going in. Yes, I do have nightmares about bugs now (how silly I know). I try to remind myself that in the summer here we're constantly eaten alive with mosquitos and black flies and those things carry nasty diseases.

So, after reading the notes on here, I wanted to stand up for Disney a little, as a consumer. I experienced all the nastiness of the bugs, medical attention, clothing in tons of boxes, moving at 1am to a lesser desireable location but in a larger suite, and on and on. I feel that they went out of their way to help fix the situation for us and they did tell us that the room would be quarantined and heated to 140 degrees with commercial heaters. And, to note, that sweet pest control man who showed up at our room at 11pm to view the bedbug we found, he quickly confirmed it's existence and immediately had management up in ouor room in minutes. They even walked us straight to our new room. The pest control man said people are FOREVER trying to get Disney on this or that. I appreciate all of what you have experienced as I have been there. In a $600 a night room you don't expect this... but imagine what's crawling around in those $50 rooms at the motel. Have you ever stayed at an airport hotel the night before flying - because it is convenient or you get free parking for your trip? Imagine how many do that... and pick up the bugs there and bring them with them as free guests.

So, for us, those are the locations that I WILL AVOID...AIRPORT HOTELS. They would have a terrible time controlling those pests as well, so for me, I'll just reduce my chances by 50% and just get a flight that is convenient for me to fly direct and stay at the one hotel for the entire trip.

It isn't my intention to have any negative impact on Disney in writing this. Yes, they did have bedbugs in our Savannah view 1 bedroom suite for our trip in May 2011, and it did seem like a SURPRISE TO THEM as every manager on that week knew EXACTLY who we were and everytime we needed something, they were there to serve us.

I wonder how many other hotels in the area have those critters running rampant? From what I see and hear in the news, Florida and New York are full of them. So, if you want to go to Disney, then I'd say you probably have a good chance of running into them somehow somewhere while you are there. Just read up on how you can best protect yourself so you don't bring them home!

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Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary

August 5, 2011-August 12, 2011

2 bedroom suite

Absolutely no problems or signs of bed bugs. Great stay!

My wife, 4 year old son and his babysitter spent 5 days and 4 nights in the new Contemporary and after the first night my wife woke up with bites all over her arms. At the time, she didn't know what they were and never suspected bed bugs. Upon returning home, the blotches grew worse and worse so my wife saw our physician at the University of Chicago Hospitals and was diagnosed as bed bug bites. What is truly sad is that WDW did absolutely nothing contending all along that they didn't find bed

bugs and that we didn't register a complaint while on premises. We had no idea! As their perfect demographic, having traveled to Bermuda, Italy and resorts all over the US prior to our son arriving, we will never step foot on their site again. No one helped us - from the hotel, to the president to the chairman of the board.

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7/23/2011 and 7/24/2011 Animal Kingdom Resort 1bdrm savannah view villa, I noticed 4 bumps that appeared on my ankle area that itched very badly! When I thought it could possibly be bed bugs I checked the bed and sure enough there it was! I was very upset seeing that we paid a very high price for the room and expect it to be throughly cleaned! Too bad :( now we know not to return to any Disney resort.

Just came back from Disney World.

Bay Lake and Beach Club = no bed bugs !!!

I had a very good vacation and want to go back right now :-)

I brought a 12 dollar shower curtain to sleep on as da bugs don't like moving on plastic or metal. I kept my luggage in the can while out during the day and had no problems with bed bugs.

My family stayed at Caribean Resort from Jan 21-31,2011...first room we went to, I thoroughly checked, and on our last look of the first room we found two bedbugs. I called and told them, and said I wanted a new room, which I got, I checked the new room and nothing, but after being aware of this bedbug problem in Disney resorts, I was constantly checking for them, I would turn lights on in the middle of the night to see if I could catch them in the act....I think I finally stopped on the sixth

day, but I made myself terribly sick. I had a wonderful time in the park during the day, but the nights were awful for me, I was physically sick 4 nights and 2 days of my stay..and had trouble eating and keeping food down, that kinda put a damper on my trip. But I recommend everyone check, check, and triple check, cause you dont want to bring these nasty bugs home.

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My family and I have stayed at many Disney resort hotels over the years to include; All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, Pop Century and the Wilderness Lodge. I find that Disney has some of the cleanest rooms we've ever stayed at. In the many times we've vacationed there, we have NEVER FOUND ANY BEDBUGS. The cast members and mangement have always been very cordial and willing to go out of their way to make guests happy.I find it so hard to believe that if a Disney resort room had a serious issue suc

h as bedbugs, that they would turn their backs. There will always be people who will complain no matter what someone does to try to make them happy...

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My family stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort at the end of May, 2011. We did not realize we were bringing home more than just souvenirs. It has now cost us over $1,000 to rid our house of these bugs as well as hours of work and weeks of inconvenience. We are basically living out of trash bags for two weeks. Please, please, please check your room extra carefully. Disney has not offered any apology or concern for this matter.

We just completed a disney trip where we stayed at all star sports resort from may 28th till june 2. Not a bed bug in sight!

Me and my family stayed at Pop Century in 2006, in 2 rooms, no bed bugs. We stayed at Pop Century again in 2008, in 2 rooms, no bed bugs. We are staying there for 9 days, June 9-18, 2011, and we will definitely be checking for bed bugs, wish us luck.

Hello everyone
We were at the Pop Century in September 2010 for 7 nights and we DID NOT SEE ANY BEDBUGS during are stay. I'm pretty sure that Disney's staff or crew do the best they can to keep it as clean as possible.

Hi Everyone,
My Family and I stayed at the All Start Movie Resort from May 10th-May 15th 2011. Although we enjoyed our stay at Disney, it's not worth the drama and insanity it causes when you find bedbug bites on your legs!!! At first I did not know what had bit my legs, I figured maybe it was spiders or mosquitos. Especially since my husband and daughter did not have any bites on them! On the second day of our trip I actually saw an adult bed bug shell... not knowing then what they actually

looked like.. I immediately thought right away that it was a bed bug, but my husband brushed it off as a beetle (sometimes i overreact :0) ) During my whole stay there I was sooooo uncomfortable and could not relax.. I kept getting more bites and the thought drove me insane!! It's just sooo depressing to spend soooo much money on a trip and have to be tormented by this. Sure enough when i got back home and did a little research I found that my bites are actually bed bug bites and the bug shell I saw in the room was indeed a bed bug! I could go crazy right now with the thought of possibly bringing them home with me... I did not know anything about vacuuming the luggage. I pray and hope to GOD I did not bring them home.. I think this could definitely send me over the edge! I should have stayed home and bought some new furniture or done something else with all the money we spent to be tortured! So yes, All Star Movies has BED BUGS! I
will be calling them tomorrow!! If anyone has any suggestions or advise to keep me sane.. i would appreciate it! thank you all!

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Just returned from a stay at Bay Lake Tower (the DVC hotel next to the Contemporary). Stayed from 5/15-5/20 on the 11th floor. Did a thorough check of the room upon arrival. Absolutely NO evidence of bed bugs. I was relieved and able to enjoy a splendid vacation.

In February 2011 we stayed at the Swan hotel in Orlando, Florida. When we checked in I told the bellman please don't bring are bags in until I check the room. The first bed I checked had bugs all around the edge of the mattress and the corner. When I told the bellman he called downstairs and they gave me a different room which was clean so I think. I was very upset because know one even apologized or even returned my phone calls and when I got home I sent an email not even to get a reply.

Bed Bugs All Star Movies...4/14/11-4/23/11 Even worse they denied the problem when we asked why they were fumigating rooms. Demanded a check of our room and sure enough Bed Bugs!

dear anonymous, french quarter has gotten all new beds, not riverside. they will be next to be renovated.

Dear anonymous 04/14, I hope your stay will be a good one, but just so you know when our stay was ruined by the critters the resort manager did say that there were bedbugs in the 2 adjouning rooms at PO riverside Alligator bayou. So do a good check of the room. Also we have now been going back and forth with the Disney claims people for 2 weeks now, waiting for the adjuster to send us an email so we can get him our damages right now all we got was a 1 night credit of a 6 day stay.
Good luck on

your trip and hope it is free of any problems.

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I just read the reviews and was very upset to hear them. I am staying there the last week in April 2011. So I just called Port Orleans and talked to Eric. I told him what I read and asked him what was being done about this. He said they do not have bed bugs. That ALL the rooms were refurbished in March with new mattresses and cleaned. He did not come out and say they had problems previously. I hope he is right. I know what to look for and will post at a later time and let everyone know.

Stayed at All-Stars Movies in October 2010 and January 2011 and All-Stars Music in February 2011. NO BED BUGS in either resort, nor did I hear of anyone else having a problem.

Grand Floridian 9/10/10 to 9/22/10. Stayed here for a wedding. NO BED BUGS in any of the rooms occupied by guests at the wedding. Just delt with annoying mesquitto bites.

My family was there late march. When they found the bed bugs they moved our room from a premium room next to the pool and eatery to a room in back of the resort, on the main highway, by the linnen drop off and next to the kennel where the barking kept us up all night. The maid in the new room left my mattress with out a mattress pad after my daughter had an accident, just put an extra sheet on. (Wonder why they have bed bugs?) ALL of our belongings were taken to a treatment facility and they ga

ve us clothes to wear from the gift shop. They returned our belongings mixed up with those of the room next door and a majority of our clothes were ruined ( stained, shrunk, torn). It took me hours to separate and fold. The main point of my story, Disney has done NOTHING to make this right!!! Customer service? Not even a "sorry" fruit basket.
The manager that helped us was very nice but Disneys customer service when something goes wrong, HORRIBLE! I have been to Disney four times in the last two years and I am shocked at the lack of customer, not even an attempt at making this right. As I see from other posts this is obvoiusly an ongoing epidemic during that time frame they have been aware of.

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Disney Bedbug Central, Hey Mikey sorry to hear that you had the same problem just wanted to let you know being that we were there around the same time we were in rooms 1462 and 1463 and we too are seeking full reembursment just called the claims people there and was told that an adjuster would be contacting us. lets see what happens, if you do not mind keep us informed asto how you are making out with the claims people and I will do the same for you. Also when they moved you did they put you all

in another building and kept you out of the 1400 building? lets keep the people informed.

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We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside in the 1400 Alligatory Bayou building, room 1427, from March 25, 2011 to March 31, 2011 and had bedbugs. I just read on this website that another guest had stayed in the same building at the same time and reported bedbugs and this makes me furious.

We were given a clothing allowance and moved to a different room but I am fighting with Disney to be reimbursed for our hotel room costs.

This is unacceptable especially since they knew there were bedbugs in

this hotel.

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I stay at WDW about 6 times a year for a week each visit. I have NEVER come across a bed bug and trust me I have stayed at every resort minus the All Stars and Pop Century. I do know a couple who did come across bed bugs in their room (staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort) and the management did an amazing job of recovering the situation, including refunding back part of their stay and giving a certain amount of a clothing allowance to each person in their room. For anyone on here to state that

Disney did NOT give that level of service to them or that any cast member stated that bed bugs are out of control or that Disney denied having bed bugs is flat out not telling the truth. I am not promoting Disney... but they go above and beyond to make sure things like this do not happen and when they do they fully take charge and try to make it right with the guests.

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Just got back from Port Orleans Riverside Stayed from 3/22/2011 thru 3/28/2011, our room was in the 1400 building of alligator bayou, we were at the parks the 2nd day into our stay and went back to our room to find out that our room keys did not work, were locked out of our room went to the front desk and was informed that our room was infested with bed bugs, yes they admitted to it, all our cloths were locked in the room. We were told that our cloths needed to be treated so we opted to have the

cloths heat treated. They moved us to another room which was facing the parking lot and the fine dog kennels as our view. We were told that the cloths would not be taken out of the suitcases, NOT. When our cloths were returned to the adjoining room not even our room the cloths were in 25 shoe boxes. All of my wifes cloths were shrunk,stained, and missing many items. Contacted the manager and he came to the room got a list of all the damaged and missing cloths and he said that Disney dropped the ball on this one. So far all Disney did was gave us a 94.00 dollar credit and gave us $600.00 to buy cloths being that our cloths we confiscated. Wohoo a walking Disney Billboard. That money does not go a long way when you have buy cloths at the resort. Manager said that Disney would make things right with us.

So far no word from Disney. And my Arms and legs have bites all over them. I see lawsuit comming itf they don't make things rigt.

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We stay in this hotel all the time.... never had a problem with bed bugs but the sand Gnats are bad this time of year so if you are out at twilight and are wearing shorts you can bet you will be bitten by them. This is more than likely the case here.

Stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter in February and Boardwalk Villas in March.

ALL CLEAR in both locations.

Stayed at Pop Century Mar 5-12, 2011 in the 50's complex and did not have any problems.

We stayed at Kidani Village 1/2/11 to 1/9/11. There were NO bed bugs.

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside Alligator Bayou Bldg. 26 room 2605 - ALL CLEAR! We stayed from 2/21/11 to 2/26/11. No bedbugs in sight. We did a thorough inspection with flashlight & looked under the beds, between the mattress & box springs, took mattress pad off, looked behind bed boards and behind the tv and luggage stand. We also used the trundle bed and NO BED BUGS AT ALL. No bites either. All Clear!!

Stayed at Animal Kingdom Resort. All clear ! No bedbugs in sight! I will run clothes through a hot dryer just in case. Remember- it's the eggs you can pick up(kids clothes on the floor or bedspread) that you bring home.

We stayed at All Star Sports from Sunday Jan 2- Thurs Jan 6th.

After checking in to room 9128, we did our usual bed inspection before bringing any suitcases in the room. Both beds, bedding, mattresses looked fine so we declared the room "bedbug free" and began unpacking.

During the 20 minutes it took to unpack, my youngest son (6) layed down on the bed and I remember saying not to put his face on the bedspread as they are never clean and I remove them.

After unpacking, I went with my

son to the bathroom and noticed a small bump/pimple like spot on his cheek under his right eye and made a mental note to wash his face really well that night. Then we went to Disney Hollywood Studios by car, a 10 minute drive from All Star Sports. As we were parking, I turned around to make sure the boys had everything they needed and my son had a welp swollen under his eye that was about 2 inches across. We went to first aid in the park and they said it could be a hive or bug bite and gave him Benadryl. The place shrank over the next few hours and by bedtime 6 hours later was pretty much gone. Guess what, the next morning after sleeping in that spot in that bed, he woke up with another spot under his eye, a small pimple about an inch away from where the first was which started swelling almost immediately> we went to Centra Care at Disney Village and by the time he was seen, the place was gone. THe Dr said the same, hives or a bug bite.

THen Monday night, my older son who shared the bed with the younger one rolled over and had a swollen place on his face. That was too much! We called the hotel front desk and they were very concerned. THey sent a manager to our room who said we would get a new room but could not leave the old one nor take anything out of it until Pest Management from the Horticulture dept came and inspected the room for bedbugs. She saw my sons face and was as concerned as we were. Almost 2 hours later the man came, removed all matresses, moved beds looked around baseboards and other furniture and said the room did NOT have bedbugs - but I heard him ask the manager for her extension and said he would call the manager back later that night.

We moved rooms, Disney reimbursed us that nights room cost (62$) and we had no further problems - no swelling nothing.

Yesterday, we took my son to the pediatrician and I told her about the instance and showed her the picture I took with my phone. She immediately said those were flea bites!! That they have a reaction similar to hives in many people.

That explained everything, why both boys had a bump/bite at first, why it happened only in the bed and why the horticulture man pronounced the room bedbug free but still needed to talk to the manager. We dont have pets so it wasnt fleas from us but stay away from room 9128.

We talked to a former cast member af the Beach Club who said the bedbug problem is a GIANT one for Disney and that they can hardly control it...Yuck -

I know that it was fleas that got my sons - that is enough to make me sick!!

see full report...

On 1-26 I stayed at Pop Century and encountered several dumb tourists who thought that every single insect/bug/black speck of dust that resulted in a red bump/allergic reaction/owwie was because of a bed bug. There are other types of bugs people, grow up.

Stayed 3 times at POP CENTURY 2010
1. September 1 room 9 nights
2. November 1 room 9 nights
3. December 2 roons 8 nights

Perfect each time with NO PROBLEMS!

Stayed 3 times at POP CENTURY 2010
1. September 1 room 9 nights
2. November 1 room 9 nights
3. December 2 roons 8 nights

Perfect each time with NO PROBLEMS!


We stayed at the POP Century Resort in October of 2010 and can honestly say.....NO BUGS! We were on the look out for them and didn't find not one. Thank goodness.


Why are you reporting something fom October 2009 ?
All these rooms have been re done for 2010 ?

oct 2009
stayed at POP CENTURY RESORT WITH MY 3 CHILDREN. the babies were in the play pen.
after the first night, i noted bites on my ankles and lower legs.
we were on a disney cruise and not one bite on any kind was on my legs until the overnight at pop century. the bites were real itchy.

i will bring a flashlight.
later that evening, my family was out for evening swim. i layed ontop of the covers, reading. i actually felt 2 bites on my mid legs. it became itchy. and pustules formed by the next day.
I actually still have some scars on my legs. I did take pics. MANAGEMENT DENIED ANY BUGS AND WOULD REMOVE US FROM ROOM. So, I slept ontop of the sheets. my luggage was kept off the ground near the sink and closed. We washed all clothes, then packed the suitcases on day of departure.

I am left with scars on my legs, and I could not believe Disney would not get us another room or discount the room. So disappointed in Disney.

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homewood suites - altamonte spring, fl - bed bugs in rooms

I think that travelers need to stop blaming anyone they can point their finger at. I traveled to Florida Nov. 27-Dec.4 and I actually took precautions. Since we drove from the Northeast we stopped at 2 hotels on our trip south not including Port Orleans Riverside. I brought a flashlight with me and learned how to look for bedbugs on mattresses, sheets, and bed covers. I did find some in South Carolina and reported it. I did not find any in WDW. A lot of people don't realize that they may h

ave been the ones to bring them into their hotel room, especially if they fly. The biggest carrier of bedbugs is luggage, and on an airplane all the luggage is stored in the belly of the plane. Hello, don't you think that many bedbugs travel via luggage compartments on airplanes? The people who claim they got bitten somewhere around the 4th-6th days of their stays are the ones who probably carried them into their rooms and beds. People need to realize that bedbugs don't just live and thrive in beds. Movie theaters, theaters for plays, retails stores and places where a lot of tourists are WILL have bedbugs.

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Stayed at POP Century 80s/90s building from Dec. 12-17 and we did not have any problems.

We stayed Nov. 29 to Dec 5 at Pop Century in the Sixties. The rooms were remodeled. Didn't see any bugs in either room and we looked several times. No bites. We were very happy.

November 21, 2010, Animal Kingdom Lodge, my 3 year old woke up 1st morning, few red bumps, we assumed it was allergic reaction, Next morning worse spread from face to arms and legs. Kept treating as allergy but she would lay on bus floor and itch!!!Gave Benedryl but got worse every day!! The bumps were aweful!! Got home and found out they were beg bugs!! I never even thought if bedbugs:(((Called resort and made a claim with Claims Department.Haven't heard back from anyone.I at least be compensat

ed for her misery, I feel terrible.

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We had an incident at Port Orleans-French Quarter. We were there for 7 days, but my daughter got them on day 6, just before our 7-day Cruise on The Magic. She had spots on her arms initially and by the first night on the cruise she had them on her legs, neck, face. Then the rest of us started get spots, but not nearly as bad as her. We contacted both the Cruise Line and Disney, but all they could say was sorry. 11/12/09

I stayed from October 1 to the 8 of 2010 at the Pop Century Resort in the room 1245. All the room were remodeling all the rooms. My room already have new beds, new sheets, new pillows, new carpet floors, new furniture and even a new Flat screen TV. And I didn't get any bite I didn't see any bug. So I think Disney is fixing the problem.

Ditto for Disney Yacht Club - stayed there 2 weeks ago and I'm still itching and washing everything. I thought I was losing my mind or had an allergy. Imagine I'm facing some major expenses making sure my house doesn't have them.

March 2010 - we had 3 rooms at Disney World Dolphin (2 rooms were clean including the adjoining room). We were there 4 days. Last morning we found a bug on the bed...I was suspicious so looked it up on the internet...no question it was a bed bug. I pulled back the sheets - 3 corners were clean...but 4th corner was loaded. After I pulled back sheets, bugs started coming out and killed several on the headboard - many loaded with my blood! The most frustrating part for me was the corner of the

mattress had been cut away - as if they saw the problem and tried to cut off the corner to make the unnoticable! I called the front desk and they sent up a security person who was insulting in the way he treated me. They wouldn't even look at the problem. Said they needed to have a pest control person confirm they were bedbugs. Anyway, the lucky thing was we knew so we didn't bring anything into our house and it's been 6 months so I think we're clear. Subsequently, another staff person called us and was more than kind. The hotel paid our $800 laundry service bill and paid for the bed bug heater I bought to heat all of our non-washable items before bringing them into the house. Also promised they would credit 50,000 points to our membership account although the points never showed up. Needless to say - I never even bring my stuff into a room without checking it first - I had hundreds of bites!

see full report...

We went to Disney In August 2010 . We stayed in the All Star Music Resort in the jazz building. We stayed in a family suite on the third floor. During our trip we noticed bites on the kids and ourselves but were naive to the whole all about bed bugs scenario. Apparently Mickey had a stow away guest in our suitcases. It is now 5-8 weeks later. This apparently was just enough time for our little Floridian bed bugs to infest our home. My 9 year old son started waking up with bites on a daily ba

sis. Being the neurotic mom that I am I had my husband call an exterminator to see what the heck was going on. A professional dog was brought in only to let us know we were dealing with a very new but serious bed bug issue. I haven't stopped crying yet. Every single thing in my home must be wrapped in sealed plastic bags.. every article of clothing has to be dried in 128 degree heat for 30 mins. Things that cant be heated must be dry cleaned or sealed in bags for 18 months with no access into my home.. Of course i was so grossed out his mattress had to be replaced .. treated or not my child is not sleeping on that. All other mattresses had to be sealed in expense bed bug proof covers.. 5000$ for exterminators, 500 in bags and plastic wrappers..1000 in mattresses not to mention the fact my husband myself and my children haven't had a good night sleep since we found out...I am filing a suit on Disney for damages as soon as all is exterminated.. right now Im too busy taking off work to wrap my entire house...we were supposed to go back for Christmas... My husband and myself are sick!.

see full report...

yes, I thought I was over reacting when I felt the bites...because I was with a theater group that performed there -I kept quiet...

but I was in the Music Resorts-Broadway...and was bitten ...I layed a sleeping bag over the bed and didn't get under the covers... don't think I'll be staying there again ;(

In early August 2008 myself, my wife, and our 2 grandkids stayed at the Polynesian Resort. 2 days into our stay we noticed that my grandchildren were itching all over, and covered in red blister type bites. We contacted management and they stated that it was probably bites from sand fleas. That same night, my wife and I both awoke with the same rash. We had switched beds with the grandkids. We went to management where they claimed to have had housekeeping check the room. They said that not

hing was found, but moved our room. They had another family in the same room within 15 hours. When we arrived home, we went to our family doctor who treated my wife and I and were told that they were Bed Bug Bites. My grandkids had to be treated by their pediatrician, and our youngest had a reaction to the saliva of the bed bugs which caused her to swell and she had to be treated for ovwe 2 months for the bites. Disney did nothing, did not replace our clothing, Nothing!! We had carried the bugs back home with us to England where we ended up having over $10,000 worth of damages, in replacing our mattress, sofas, luggage, and clothing. Not to mention the Doctor Bills. Way to Go Disney!!! Your family vacation spot where you claims dreams are made, is nothing more than a nightmare!

see full report...

Stay at All Star Sports Resort the end of August room 9136. My son and I both had bites on our legs and we unfortunately brought them home with us.
Luckily, found them a few days later but going to cost over $1000 plus cost of new mattresses.

Stayed in Fort Wilderness Cabins. After 5 days we noticed the bites, after thinking we were being bitten by mosquitos at first! Then after getting off the bed I noticed a bug!

The housekeeping were very good moved us and treated all the clothing etc. We were refunded 3 nights costs and allowed to charge a complete set of new clothing to our room.

Luckily they have not followed us home to the UK.

My family and I stayed at Disneys Port Orleans hotel July 26 to August 9 2010. Fine for first 9 nights but woke up on 11th morning all the family covered in bites. Reported this to the management who were reluctant to tell us what they had found but were moving us to another room and taking all our belongings to be cleaned. Eventually got them to tell us what they had found in the room - BED BUGS. What was more amazing was that within less than 24 hours they had new guests in the room we had bee

n moved out of!!!!

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june 2010
bedbugs at Kidani village, It is late July and we are still red and itchy. Shocked! We were in a one bedroom apartment. I didn't report it, I thought it was just normal little bites. Like I said, they haven't yet healed.

I have recently returned from a 5 day Bahamas cruise on the Disney Wonder. Upon return, we have discovered we had brought home some stowaways… BEDBUGS! Please advise all future travelers to closely inspect their quarters immediately upon arrival and to NOT store luggage under the cabin beds as we did (Disney's video actually recommends using and storing soft luggage under the bed). Also, never place your luggage on your bed at home upon return while unpacking. This mistake will now cost me ove

r $1,000 to heat treat our house to exterminate these bedbugs.

I did contact Disney Cruise lines to inform them of the problem and recommend they treat the cabin we had. I’d hate for someone else have their vacation ruined like we did. The Disney Cruise representative did say she’d pass the information along but sounded like she really didn't care.

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The bed bugs are in the Disney intern apartments as well. She was covered in bites for weeks until finally having time off and the money for cab ride and doctor visit to confirm bed bugs. The clean up methods are less than satisfactory. When our child comes home from her internship her personal belongings will not come into the home until inspected and throughly cleaned. I am withholding our name because I don't want this to impact her participation in the program.

June, 2010 stayed at the Bay Lake Tower of the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. Room number 8141 - a two bedroom suite with kitchen and living room. Very beautiful - was bitten by bed bugs in the master bedroom. Came home with bites all over my left arm and one bite on my right arm. Thought they were mosquito bites at first, but then they became huge red welts and they are not going away. Saw my doctor yesterday and she confirmed that they are bed bug bites. Doctor said they take

3-6 weeks to heal. Disney is very lucky it wasn't my 4 year old who was bitten because I would have become a raving lunatic. Very upset as it is and waiting to hear back from them. The woman in the claims department said they get complaints of bed bugs from time to time at all the resorts in Disneyworld. Nice. Glad we spent thousands of dollars to stay at a fleabag hotel. Can't wait to go back.

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My family and I stayed at the Pop Century Resort and my husband I both have bites on our feet. And my foot swelled up like crazy around the bites it even hurt to walk. To who or where can I file a complaint????????????? Oh by the way we stayed in the nineties in room 0465 our trip was this month.

We stayed at the All Star Music Resort December 16-25, 2009. We enjoyed our stay and did not experience bites. However, we brought the bed bugs home from the resort. We have spent over $1,000 with PCOs trying to get rid of the problem in our house. What misery.

Stayed at Port Orleans Riverside Oak Manor March 15-18 2010. Woke with bites and rash.



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Friday night 3/6/10. Walt Disney World Bed bugs Port Orleans Riverside. Unbelievable! Calling 20/20. You should all do the same.

My family and I were guests at your resort Pop Century. We stayed in room 1150 Thursday Nov 5th thru Nov 9th 2009. Saturday morning (Nov 7, 2009) after we woke up and began our day my 9 year old son mentioned his back of his legs itched , I noticed bumps and several bites lined up in a row, I cleaned his legs and really didn't think too much of it mistaken it for flea or mosquito bites or heat bumps. Thru out the day he kept complaining of the itchiness of the bites.(what a great thing that a ch

ild had to go thru Disney suffering). By Sunday they were worse they were raised bumps on the skin, redness, swelling, and intense itching. I took him to the front desk and asked if they had something for bite marks as I showed my sons legs, the lady at the front desk gave me Medicaine Swabs. My 9 year old son complained about the intense itching the whole rest of the way home.When we got back home I started researching what they could be. ALL the symptoms:
* Large wheals which reduce to a red mark and then gradually fade over a few days
*Itchiness Reddening of the skin Localized swelling *Blisters around the bites * several bites lined up in a row. Infectious disease specialists refer to this as the "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" sign signifying the sequential feeding that occurs from site to site.
pointed to bed bugs !!! It was to my surprise that Pop Century has NUMEROUS reports of bed bug bites! I am furious that your staff members have the knowledge that Pop Century has had problems of bed bugs! So with your staff knowing why is it that when I came up to the front desk that something wasn't done more sufficiently like changing our rooms right away and providing my son (your guest) PROPER MEDICAL ATTENTION and properly afforming me and my husband what the bites were! I now have to seek medical attention. His itching is so severe, I had to buy steroid creams and give him oral antihistamines to use for symptom relief!!! This is what we have to live with and this is what we have to remember about our first trip to Disney and this is what a 9 year old boy has to remember about his first trip to Disney getting attacked while he slept in your bed by bed bugs!!! I also have worry about these bed bugs in my house now as they are known to travel place to place as they hide in clothing, bedding and luggage.This is what I found out what I have to do if one of your Pop Century bed bugs and or its eggs came home with us:

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy process, and most cases of bed bug infestation will require treatment by a pest-control expert. A variety of low-odor sprays, dusts, and aerosol insecticides can be used to eradicate bed bugs. These must be applied to all areas where the bugs are observed as well as spaces where they may crawl or hide. The pest-control company can help you determine if the mattress can be disinfected or must be discarded. Since beds cannot readily be treated with insecticides, it's often necessary to discard infested mattresses and beds.

The pest-control expert may recommend certain forms of deep-cleaning such as scrubbing infested surfaces with a stiff brush to remove eggs, dismantling bed frames and furniture, filling cracks in floors, walls, and moldings, encasing mattresses within special bags, or using a powerful vacuum on cracks and crevices. I also have to worry about your Pop Century Bed bugs because even though bed bugs have not been conclusively proven to carry infectious microbes; however, researchers have implicated bed bugs as possible vectors of American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease) and studies are ongoing to determine whether bed bugs may serve as disease carriers and may be host to the organisms that cause hepatitis B.

I am emailing you and calling your guest claim tomorrow morning. I will also be furthering my complaint and my investagation on this matter.

~since that email in Nov, I had to keep calling guest realtions in Jan 2010 after I called again, I was told there was no bugs in our room. I am very upset with the lack of concern, care for disneys guests

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Bed bug bites at Disney World - Port Orlean's Riverside January 18 - 26, 2010. GROSS!!! I just hope that we didn't bring them home with us.

Just came back from All Star Music Resort in Walt Disney World. I woke up with many bug bites on my calf. I am sure they are bed bug bites. Very dissappointed in this..

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and began waking up with bites all over our bodies. September 21-28, 2009. couldn't even get management to call the room.

My fiance & I just returned from Pop Century Resort and stayed in Room 4230 from 3/30/09 through 4/4/09. We arrived Monday evening and by Wednesday morning, we were starting to itch like crazy. My brother & sister-in-law were staying at a different hotel in Kissimmee, but we met them everyday at the Disney parks and they were fine, so we know it was an isolated incident from our hotel. It is now Monday, April 6th and we're back home, but with bites all over our bodies. I have bites on the top of

my feet, my legs, my back, my upper chest and all over my arms. Apparently, Pop Century will not recognize that they have a bed bug problem, but they absolutely do. It's an older hotel, they clearly state in their literature that they only change the bed linens every 4 days, and it's not particularly clean. Our first stay there and our last to be sure.

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We stayed at Disney World's Pop Century Resort October 22 - 25 of 2008. I don't have the room number on me, but it was on the 2nd floor in the 50's (near the giant Tramp the dog statue) The first morning, my friend woke up with several red bumps on his arm. We just thought it was mosquito bites and went on with our day. The next morning I woke up and had 17 bites on my upper thigh, 6 on my ankle, one on my back, and about 4 on my arm. We looked all around the beds, under the mattress, in the

carpet and didn't find anything. Unfortunately, we didn't know what we were looking for. I didn't know bed bugs existed until we returned home and my doctor told me what she thought they were. She said the linear pattern of their bites is a tell-tale sign of bed bugs. They are extremely itchy and still have not gone away! I called the hotel manager and he said that they did not now, nor have they ever had bed bugs.

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