Universals Royal Pacific Resort A Loews Hotel
6300 Hollywood Way
Orlando, FL

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I checked in on January 27 and checked out on the 29th. I woke during the night to find a bed bug feasting on my leg. I killed it but found more bites in the morning, so apparently there were a few of them. I reported it to the hotel. They comped one of the two nights and sent some snacks and a bottle of wine to the room. No offer to comp the second night, move me to another room, launder my clothes, etc. The room looked clean, but I guess the bugs were concealed in the mattress or headboard are

as where I couldn't see them.

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February 23, 2012. Bed bugs were definitely found. I had one night room comped & breakfast. I asked if there has been any incidents? Suheyn Zambrano, Asst Front office manager gave us breakfast for 4. She 1st gave us only $50 off which was a joke. She assured me there have been no incidents. When I Googled it, there we're so many incidents, so she lied. That made me & the kids very uncomfortable. I want the truth. She also said it was a baby roach...give me a break! Im a Floridian and

that was Not a baby roach. Watch fJ.or little black bugs.

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Just stayed 1/24 - 1/27 in room 2204. Checked for Bedbugs (like I always do now), and found no signs of the critters each night. We had a pleasant stay at this beautiful hotel.

We stayed at the royal pacific Dec. 2nd-6th 2011.
The first night we were on the 6th floor, and didn't see anything. The next day we were moved to 7th floor, and very early the next morning we found a bed bug in the bed. I caught it in a cup, and my husband bagged it and took it to the desk to show the management. They moved us to another room, and took all items that were in the carpet area "to be cleaned". They said "cleaned", but our clothes were not cleaned, our dirty clothes were mixed

with the clean and came back to us in about 30 shoebox size boxes. I know they weren't cleaned because I had a dark shirt that I got powder from a funnel cake on and that would have come out in a cleaning but it was still there. I believe all our items were heat processed to kill bugs, not cleaned. I say this because our childrens crocs were melted. Outside of the huge hassle, and bother that this caused, I do feel that management did make an effort to correct the issue. They gave us one night free, and helped us with toothbrushes and sunlotion when we had already packed them to move to the new room. Be aware and check your room completely when you check in.

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Checked in on August 21, 2011, and didn't see anything until the morning of the 24th when I saw a bed bug on the headboard and on the bed. I also noticed remains of smashed bugs on the headboard. (I didn't see them until I looked closely at the head board.).
The manager saw the smashed bugs and slight blood stains and we got a free night and an additional $50 off out bill. We were traveling to a different hotel that day anyway. I never saw any bugs at the new hotel nor at our house so I d

on't think we picked up any hitchhikers. The hotel was very professional about handling it.

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Within 3-4 days following a recent 6 day stay (Rm 1400) I started to notice numerous bites on arms and torso that my doctor stated appeared to be bed bug bites based on the pattern. His first question was to ask if I had stayed in a hotel recently.

We have stayed at the Royal Pacific numerous times over the years and love it. After this experience and reading other's posts we will definitely check the room and bed(s) on future stays!

I came home with bites of some kind. I do not know if they are bedbugs. Should we contact the hotel? Should we worry about our house?

With kids , our clothes were occasionally on the floor. We never saw anything I checked in New York every time, but did not check on this vacation. Room seemed very clean.

September 23-27, 2010

First night I checked for bed bugs & found nothing. Second night I saw them crawling all around the bed! Immediately called the front desk & asked for a new room. They were very professional about the situation. I was transferred into a new room within 15 minutes, free laundry service, free breakfast delivered to the new room the next morning, & a $50 credit. I felt I probably should've gotten more money or something, but maybe I should've made a bigger stink about

it. As nice & accomodating as the staff was I will NEVER STAY there again!

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I just spent 11 nights there. I had two rooms and loved it.

Checked in Dec. 31, 2010 ........ I started to check the room for bugs (as I always do now-a-days)) and right when I pulled back the covers we saw a small black bug running across the bed! We called front desk right away and they told us to come down and they would give us another room. The manager on duty did not seem like she cared and only offered us a late check-out the next day! My husband and I were so disgusted with the service and the way they handled the situation, we just left.


e: We have stayed there several times with no problems, so just be very cautious when checking the rooms.

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I came back from this hotel with bites; hotel "third party" checked the room and came up negative. It seems like this is a common theme when reading about other people's experiences dealing with hotels. Check your room before staying here!! I'm just waiting for my house now to get infested if they hitched a ride in my suitcase...

How do you check for bed bugs

Having worked at this resort for some time, I can say without doubt that there are numerous cases of bed bugs in this hotel all the time. Many rooms are placed out of order and the rooms adjoining to them.

Please be aware and check the bed before you sleep in it. Many of the guest whom visit this and its 2 sister properties are from Europe (where bed bugs originally come from).

With this getting national attention lately they dont want any bad press, especially with the recent opening of

the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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