Rodeway Inn International
6327 International Dr
Orlando, FL

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I satiated in a "rodeway inn" at 7050 kirkman rd at orlando FL.
The room i had was old, and worn down. The carpet was not totally clean. I looked up reports of bes bugs for the hotel and i got here. I think it is the same hotel. After i left i stared to feel little bites, little things walking on me. havent seen any red spots. But i feel them.

We check in on Fev 8th and on Fev 10th was when I found, after a day of rain , a couple bugs all over the wallome . I was sure about what it was. But I ask to swith rooms. After getting a new room and noticing how little concerned they were about it I decided to switch hotels.
About five days after I noticed a bunch of small bumps ove rmy elbow and arms.
Then, once I was on vacation and thought it could be a food alergy I have decided to go online and check for similar cases. That was when I

found pictures of the bed bugs and linked the whole thing.
Now I am back home (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) and very afraid of getting my house infested.

And now I can take the right providences about it.
Hope this can help others to not be in contact with it.

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