Ramada-Intl Drive Lakefront
6500 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819-8218

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My husband travels often and when I and the kids can get away we come along to make use of the room since he is working. We checked into Ramada Plaza Resort & Suites on 1/17/14 and stayed for 2 nights. When we awoke on 1/19/14 our 10 year old daughter kept saying she was itchy. My husband inspected under the light and found numerous bites up and down the front and back of both her arms and a few on her legs.
I went straight for the bed to inspect the mattress, I threw back the pillow and began

removing the sheets at the corner of the bed. Low and behold as I began inspecting my husband saw one on the pillow I had just flipped over. He took my daughter and the pillow to the front desk where they took a picture of her arms and immediately comped our room. As I prepped to leave I continued to inspect and found a total of 3 including one "baby" on the bed my children slept in and 2 in the bed my husband and I slept in. The desk had said they would be sendng someone to the room to inspect and no one ever came.

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