Quality Inn at International Drive
7600 International Dr
Orlando, FL

Found 2 reports:

June 2012

My family and I (6 0f us in total) have just returned from a two week trip, staying in this hotel. I always check my bed, ceilings, floor etc every night as I have a terrible reaction to insect bites and am terrified of being bitten. Fortunately none of us got bitten in our rooms and I never saw any insects in our room at all. The rooms were lovely and clean and I would definitely stay here again

I was attacked by bed bugs during one overnight stay at this location. As a result I have approximately 120 bug bites on my legs arms torso face and hands and the itching, pain and emotional distress is incredible! I am freaking out over the thought of having transported any bed bugs from this hotel to my home and place my family at risk!

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